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  • Neoclassical Vs Neoclassicism

    led to the French Revolution, which ousted the ruling aristocracy and in return created a democratic republic. This new way of thought called for an end to the excessive and vulgar artwork of the Rococo period, and the beginnings of an artistic philosophy based on human moral righteousness, as is seen in the periods of Neoclassicism and…

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  • The Modern Art Movement: The Classical Realism Movement

    were drawn from everyday lives to explain universal politics as a result of human nature. The political, social, economic and cultural aspects were designed on how life was during the late 18th and early 19th century. Classical Realism art was used to explain and model relations that were occurring before and after the Revolutionary War. Throughout this time period, there were a several artists who were extremely influential during this time. Gustave Courbet, Jean Léon Gérôme, Jean-François…

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  • Jacques-Louis David Influence

    Jacques-Louis David: Main Ideas and Influence on the World of the Art Jacques Louis David was born in prosperous family. His single mother decided to dedicate him to architecture, but David failed in the University of Paris, and eventually came to study painting in the Royal Academy. David is considered to be the founder of the French Neoclassicism. In fact, in his painting style are united three areas: rococo, neo-classicism and romanticism. The artist already in his younger years was honored…

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  • Oath Of Horatii Analysis

    depicted loyalty towards the republic. Hence David painted a historic event set in ancient Rome, where three brothers from the Horatii family agree to fight for Rome against three brothers from the Curiatii family from Alba Longa, who were also their family as they were united by marriage. It has strong neoclassicism features such as the…

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  • Neoclassical Architecture

    It is said that all of neoclassical buildings are influenced by the works of an Italian architect Andrea Palladio, he is known to be one of the most influential architects in Western architecture. His architectural works have been considered as inspiration by many for centuries. One of the similarities between Palladian architecture and neoclassical is the presence of a strong central axis and usually accentuated with a strong central element such as a dome. Although Palladianism and…

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  • Le Radeau De La Meduse Analysis

    from this watery hell. Géricault 's use of tenebrism, or "dramatic illumination"[13], adds the emotion of anguish to the piece, lighting the contorted and writhing figures entwined with corpses on the raging and dark open sea. A dramatic composition for an equally melodramatic subject. Combined with his usage of sickly and sallow yellows, greens, and browns in the flesh of the worn and tattered humans, this is truly an eye-opening perspective into the reality of this horrific portion of maritime…

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  • Michael H Wordsworth Research Paper

    Wordsworth started a new kind of poetry during the romantic era. Prior to the romantic era most poetry and poets were attempting to imitate some of the ancient greats like Homer and Virgil, in a period called Neoclassicism. Neoclassical poetry focused on an ordered structure, regular meter and intricate word choice. Wordsworth broke free of this tradition by submitting the idea that poetry should be more spontaneous and focus on the mundane events in everyday life. He took away the belief that…

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  • Oath Of The Horatii Analysis

    The importance of The Oath of the Horatii lies in its significant pre-revolutionary message as well as in the new style developed by David. The way in which the “Oath of the Horatii” is painted, in fact, challenged the rococo style. This style was characterized by unsymmetrical ornamental patterns and it dominated French art from the 1750s to early 1780s. This painting, instead, opened the way for neoclassicism. In particular, because of the innovations reflected in this painting, it can be…

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  • What Is Apollo And Diana Attack The Queen Of Thebes?

    Jacques-Louis David, a French painter during the neoclassical art period, began his art career painting a few mythology figures and narratives and then later on became an active supporter of the French Revolution therefore influenced the stories for which he depicted in his paintings. In this essay, I will analyze the formal qualities or elements of art such as color, implied motion, and space used as well to analyze the historical/religious context of one of his early paintings before the big…

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  • Reasons For Futurism

    Robert E. Kelsey Jr. Doc. Gregory Caicco ART1030 P01 11/6/2017 Style Guide for Futurism and Purism. Futurism In a contemporaneous era of the early 1900’s with modernistic art movements, “Futurism” redefined a well social-political agenda. This inauguration was named by the “charismatic Italian poet as well playwriter Filippo Tommaso Marinetti” (1876-1944). 1909 was the creation “Futurism” movement, but soon encompassed the visual arts and cinemas, music and architecture. “Futurists” were…

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