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  • New Religious Movement: Modern Paganism

    reasonable, exclusive Neopagan movements, many of which define themselves as ‘tribal’ or ‘folkish’, are in many cases hostile to other faith traditions. Chiefly, many forms of revived European polytheism are overtly hostile to both Judaism and Christianity. This disdain often includes conspiratorial canards, often recycling those historically held by Christians against Jews, Protestants against Catholics, etc. In at least one case such hostility has led to acts of domestic terrorism; in … Norwegian black-metal musician and convicted murderer Varg Vikarnes bombed a historic Cathedral in the name of Odin. For the non-folkish forms of Modern Paganism, questions of ethnicity are less important than those of morality. Many forms of Modern Neopaganism have an earthy focus on open sexual expression, and indeed quite a libertine worldview. While it is rare to find a Neopagan opposed to sexual expression outside marriage,…

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  • Spirituality In Jehovah's Scarlet

    Lecturing to a freshman-year college religion class, a professor posed the above question to the students. While the majority of the class scoffed and immediately responded with a resounding “no, of course not,” one of the students, Scarlet Decker, hesitantly agreed. She did not necessarily believe in the corporeal manifestation of Witches in the physical world, but rather approached the concept in the context of her belief in the power of thoughts. In the case of magical manifestations, if…

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  • Magic In Macbeth Essay

    All over the world, from Ancient to present times, cultures have embraced the universal idea of magic. Through the use of texts originating from cultures and places all around the world, the theme of magic prevails, with variations within the cultures to differ the beliefs of magic, as well as similarities and recurring concepts to connect the theme of magic. A recurring concept in the subject of magic is the evil factor. The use of sorcery and magic leads to either the removing or blocking of…

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  • Witchcraft In Premodern Literature

    Premodern authors such as Richard Kieckhefer and Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger produced pieces of literature depicting how the premodern witch was perceived during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. During the time period, there was a large emphasis on the church and since witchcraft went against the ideals of the church the premodern witch was considered an “evil” doer of magic. Modern authors such as Ronald Hutton and Meagan Bolds have formed pieces of literature giving definitions…

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  • Analysis Of The Twilight Of Paganism By Conle

    The chapter three on The Twilight of Paganism: Magic in Norse and Irish Culture describes the mythology of Irish culture. One of the Irish literature involves a man named Conle that is tempted by a seductive female fairy. As the fairy invites Conle to partake in paradise with her at Fairy Hill where there are never ending feasts and no death. However, Conle uses a charm that was given to him by a Druid to fend off the fairy’s allurement. Although, this only lasts temporally and the fairy…

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  • Hex In Modern Paganism

    The word Hex is one that has permeated much of common literature and culture often being seen as a word that detonates an evil spell or some sort of curse upon the recipient. Curse and hex are two words that are frequently misused or confused together within the context of Paganism. However, after researching the word hex, I have found that a hex spell isn't necessarily a spell designed with evil intent. What a hex essentially is revolves around manipulation of somebody else's will. This…

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  • Fiery Antidote: A Feminist Approach To Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market

    “Win the Fiery Antidote”: a Feminist Approach to Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market In a time when women did not have major roles in literature or their daily lives, Christina Rossetti’s powerful poem Goblin Market is published to empower women of the Victorian Era. This poem is about two sisters, Lizzie and Laura, who live alone in the middle of the woods. They go into the woods every day to get water from the river, where they encounter goblin men selling fruits. After Laura tries…

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  • Analysis Of No Witchcraft For Sale, By Doris Lessing

    The word witchcraft sounds like witches casting their mysterious spells. In reality, according to a Professor of International Studies, Robert Priest and his article On the Meaning of the Words “Witch,” “Witchcraft,” and “Sorcery”, he claims, “Under...not only the traditional healer...who has used a charm or amulet...identified as practicing “witchcraft” — and may be suspected of what witches traditionally are thought to do, bringing harm and death to others.” Priest mentions the comings of the…

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  • Witchcraft Religion

    Witchcraft means “Craft of the Wise Ones” and is also known as the “Old Religion”. Its practices can be traced to Neolithic (“Stone Age”) cave paintings. In early times, the Witch was the local lawyer, psychiatrist, and doctor. The field of modern medicine can trace its origins to the herbal medicines of the Witch. Witchcraft is a nature religion, not unlike the shamanism of the Native Americans. As the concepts of male and female exist through-out life — indeed, are necessary to create it —…

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  • The Witch's Hammer Analysis

    The Witch's Hammer In 1559, Pope Paul IV had The Witch's Hammer published as kinda a manual on how to hunt, capture, and torture Witches. They would use the common things from having weird birthmarks, to having a simple medical herb garden as signs as one being a witch. In this essay, I will explain the meaning of the Witch's Hammer, and what it means to me. I will also discuss how it is used in the Pagan and Wiccan community and if I would use it in my own practice. I will be discussing why it…

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