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  • Social Brain Hypothesis Summary

    He then develops on this idea and extrapolates how modern hunter-gatherers would have depended heavily on social relations. The author then posits that a large size of neocortex and thus the brain allows primates to easily find food in a forest environment and also allows enhanced comprehension and cohesion. He also explains how primates have the ability to interpret the actions of others (Machiavellian intelligence). He says that this skill must have allowed our ancestors to work effectively in groups, thus allowing efficient gathering of food. Outside source and its relation to the book The article that this paper refers to was published in Science magazine. It focuses on the complex relationships that primates form. The article and the book share similar examples of chimps, birds, squirrels, size of neocortex etc. Both texts explain and agree with the Social Brain hypothesis and do not draw any conclusions on the validity of SBH. The article tries to prove the SBH by explaining brain development in birds and pair bonds in primates. Finally, the article turns to Microneurobiology to relate hormones to social bonding. Summary of the…

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  • The Influence Of Gossip

    communicate using our thoughts and consciously control what we choose to do in each situation. Humans are the peak representation of consumers of gossip, being the only species to exist on the planet that communicate through the use of language, which led to Dunbar’s invention of his number. The number initially was created by accident, when Dunbar was in the process of solving the uncertainty of why primates devote a substantial amount of their time and effort to groom themselves. During this…

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  • Analysis Of The Idiot Brain By Dean Burnett

    fear. With respect, to the theme of mind controls Burnett explains that the brain’s control of the body sometimes results in irrational behaviours. For example, the neocortex, the part of the brain that deals with higher functions, is able to overrule basic human instincts that are essential for survival, which can result in extreme dieting and eating disorders. With regard to the theme of mental health, the author…

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  • Human Brain Vs Human Evolution Essay

    As previously learned in class, the definition of evolution is the change in variant frequencies in a population over time. The four forces that evolution acts on are mutations, gene flow, genetic drift, and natural selection. From an evolutionary psychology perspective, the physical structure of the brain has changed over time, thus allowing humans to develop complex behavioral patterns. When comparing brains with primates, humans have a larger and heavier brain. When compared to a…

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  • Self-Control Case Study

    a healthier life. Those who want to achieve a healthy balance of self-control takes mental practice and patience. Achieving self-control mentally separates us, now, from our ancestors and the animal kingdom. The reason for this separation is due to the prefrontal cortex that has evolved. The major differences between our ancestors and us, now, is that we have the rationality to contemplate choices rather than acting on our immediate impulses. We can plan and evaluate our choices that will…

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  • The Human Nervous System

    hippocampus sends memories out to the appropriate part of the cerebral hemisphere for long-term storage and retrieves them when necessary. We can see how this part of the brain would have been essential millions of years ago. Mammals did not have sophisticated weaponry or any means to defend themselves through the use of advanced equipment, their only necessities would have been the procuration of food and the ability to decide whether to “fight or flight”. The Neocortex, cerebrum, the cortex…

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  • Temporal Lobectomy Case Study

    temporal horn is found on the anterior end of the temporal lobe on the superior temporal sulcus. The localization of the temporal horn is done through dissecting toward the floor of the middle cranial fossa until gray matter is seen, then the dissection moves medially into the white matter until the temporal horn is entered. The dissection at this point with reflect the cerebrospinal fluid at the level of the inferior portion of the lateral ventricles. After the temporal horn is located three…

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  • Importance Of Language And The Brain

    It is composed of two hemispheres. They manage input from the sensory systems which make connections between various stimuli such as associating what we see with what we hear. In other words, it provides comprehension. When people learn, the structure of nerve cells in the neocortex are changed. The structure of the neocortex is very complicated. The neocortex is composed of two cerebral hemispheres. The brain coordinates information between the two hemispheres. Corpus callosum is the bridge…

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  • Argument Essay: Can Scientists Tell The Future?

    He says that is what’s wrong with the concept of intelligence for mental skills too. Every one handles different emotions differently. So all emotions should be looked at for a separate point of view. Emotional intelligence and Intelligence quotient are not opposites. Many people think that they are the same thing, but this is not true. There are researchers that are trying to figure out how these two complement each other. As for the emotional side, life grows from the brain in an area called…

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  • Characteristics Of Being A Human

    human. For it is not our blood or bones, or even the ability to feel emotions such as love, that defines someone as a human, but it is the combination of these things paired with the ability to execute complex brain functions that sets humans apart from other organisms and defines someone as a human being. The defining feature of being a human is that the only organisms that have brain power capable of complex thought are humans. Of course all organisms think, but humans are the only ones that…

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