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  • One Hundred Live And Die Analysis

    the low art of advertisement using word play. It is a work containing one hundred words, fifty with “live” following them and fifty with “die,” in neon lights that light up individually, in rows, and then all together, creating visual patterns. The word combinations include actions, emotions, and colors. One Hundred Live and Die uses the game of language to leave the meaning of the work open for interpretation from the viewers and allows room for conversation. One Hundred Live and Die is a large wall installation that is 118 x 132 1/4 x 21 inches, consisting of neon tubing mounted on four metal monoliths. The intense neon words make it…

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  • Neon Research Paper

    Neon is the 10th element on the periodic table. It was discovered by Sir William Ramsay and Morris Travers in 1898 (Mowat 130). It has 10 protons, 10 neutrons, and 10 electrons. Neon has no stable compounds because it is a noble gas. However, there are three stable isotopes, the most abundant being neon-20 (90.5%). It has no color, odor, or taste. It changes from a gas to a liquid at -245.92°C and from a liquid to a solid at -248.6°C (Chemical Elements). It is found in the sun and the…

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  • Benefits Of Neon Lights

    Have you ever wanted to do something for your community? If you have what did you do or what do you want to do to help? Every community in the world is very dangerous. They are filled with guns, drugs, and other threats. We need to do something about this so that communities will be safe. The improvments I would do to help my community are neon lights to help fight crime and drug dogs. Most cities and communities are filled with guns and drugs. There is something that can help us find guns,…

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  • Film Analysis: The Neon Demon

    Neon lights, upbeat music, and the slim figure of a stark white innocent looking girl. A doe-eyed teen in a fitted latex dress lays her lifeless head on the nape of an 18th century styled cabriole sofa. Covered in blood, the audiences’ first instinct would be that the girl, who we eventually find out is named Jesse, is dead. As the scene continues further, it is discovered that the scene was created for a fashion photoshoot. Death and beauty. That opening scene sets the imagery and tone for the…

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  • Recruiting Case Study: Neon Boot Company

    Neon Boot Company Staffing Megan M. Brown Professor Karmia Adler University The Neon Orange Boot Company is a boot company known for their vibrant selling orange boots. The company is doing so well with sales that they can afford to open ten more stores in the United States. The company is looking towards recruiting to hire all their new employees for the new locations. The employees will have to go through structured interviews to ensure they are the perfect match for the company’s…

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  • Mary Weatherford Essay

    combination with a neon light. She frequently uses tints of sapphire, pink and orange, and the neon signs on her paintings. 2. What seems to drive the speaker’s work/practice? • Artist Mary Weatherford believes the combination of colors and neon lights is motion. Since 2012, she created neon art inspired by the city, past, and present. Specifically, she researches and creates paintings from a combination of historical event and personal experience. 3. How would you characterize the way the…

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  • Photography In Blade Runner

    We rented a number of them from One From the Heart. In order to achieve a photographic reality, the on-camera neons were often on dimmers set at a level just above where they would start to flicker. At the same time, the off-camera neons were used as the primary source of light whenever possible by leaving them at their brightest level. When the existing neons weren't sufficient for either illumination or dressing, we would create new ones on the spot and place them wherever we wanted. An…

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  • Evolution Of Fashion In The 80's

    1980’s Fashion The Titanic was discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean on July 14, 1986. Music was big in the 80’s and the hairstyles were crazy. Many new things were invented such as artificial hearts and cable television. However, fashion was all the rage and the events of the 1980s greatly influenced the fashion. The world wide web was created in 1989. It allowed people to search up anything from a computer. The first artificial heart, made to last a lifetime, was made in 1988. It …

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  • Custom Cut And Sew Baggs Case Study

    budget and meets your requirements satisfactorily. 19 Neon, LED, & Illuminated Signs- For every , signs prove to be an imperative component that can be utilized for the efficient marketing and promotion. The signs help to differentiate you from your competitors and convey the message to the larger target audience. The signs are a cost-effective and smart way to illuminate and promote your company’s brand. Neon, LED, & Illuminated…

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  • Dog Sees God Analysis

    The strongest light sources that were installed in this production were neon lights hanging around the wall, which the light evoked me as if I was in a bad strip bar, the color of those neon lights were represented as cheap and indiscreet to me. Within its support of strong color of light and various changes, the story became more intense, but it eventually lost its details of emotions and individual characteristic. Also, I looked up some of the other production of Dog Sees God and there were…

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