U.S. Route 33

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  • Nelsonville Bypass Project Case Study

    The field of engineering impacts our society in many, many ways. There are the most obvious impacts, technological and technical improvements (means of transportation, electronics, resource distributions services, et cetera), but there are impacts that may be somewhat vague, such as global and societal impacts. Both impacts must be weighted equally by the modern, citizen engineer. As an engineering student in southeast Ohio, one of the more recent and relevant examples of engineering impacting a society is the construction of the Nelsonville Bypass project. U.S. Route 33 ran through this small town, of approximately 5,400 people, and this section typically averaged about 19,000 vehicles per day with 15 percent being semi trucks. This section of highway was narrow in width, and would typically add about twenty to thirty minutes of travel time to the average commuter. It was proposed to build a bypass around Nelsonville, which would creating a better transportation for motorists while at the same time protect the wildlife living in Wayne National Forest. The proposal was accepted and construction…

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  • John Cage's Number 33 Analysis

    When watching the video of John Cage's 4 "33", I was first confused on what William Marx was doing. I watched the video several times, to gain my focus on what he was doing. Finally, I understood why he was just sitting there and not playing the piano. Truthfully others probably have thought the same thing that I did when I watched the composition. William Marx sat down and opened the top cover of piano and set a timer, he never struck a key on the keyboard through three different movements.…

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  • Aloe Vegar Case Study

    1. Effects on gastrointestinal function and ulcers:- Aloe gel is commercially offered for oral consumption and many claims were made for benefits in various internal inflammatory conditions. Trial done on human patient showed a tonic effect on the intestinal tract with a reduced transit time. Also the bacterial flora appears to show benefit, with a reduction in a presence of yeasts and reduction in pH. Bowel putrefaction was decreased and protein digestion/absorption was improved. An early trial…

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  • Sesbaniagrandiflora Case Study

    TITLE: PHARMACOGNOSTICAL, PHYTOCHEMICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTIVITY OF Sesbaniagrandiflora (L.) PERS By Mr. K.V. Veerabhadrappa,M. Pharm,(Ph.D) Under the Supervision of DR. J. Raveendra Reddy, M.Pharm, Ph.D Faculty of Pharmacy PACIFIC ACADEMY OF HIGHER EDUCATION AND RESEARCHUNIVERSITY UDAIPUR 1. NAME OF SCHOLAR :- K.V.Veerabhadrappa Hindi :-के.वि.वीरभद्रप्पा 2. TITLE OF THE RESEARCH :- Pharmacognostical, Phytochemical and Pharmacological activity of…

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  • Pharmacokinetics Analysis

    Following intravenous administration, there is no absorption process since the drug is directly introduced into the blood stream. However, for oral routes, there will be an absorption process that occurs. Following ingestion of a drug it begins to dissolve in the GI fluids and is absorbed into the blood. While the transportation of the drug in the gut wall, if any process becomes saturated, then increases in the administered dose will not correspond to increases in amount of drug absorbed into…

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  • Summary Of Ketorolac Tromethamine

    The invention relates to formulation of Ketorolac Tromethamine and Phenylephrine Hydrochloride immediate release tablet having less disintegration time. HPLC method was developed and validated for determination of content of Ketorolac Tromethamine and Phenylephrine Hydrochloride in immediate release tablet. UV spectrophotometric method was developed and validated to study drug release profile of Ketorolac Tromethamine and Phenylephrine Hydrochloride in immediate release tablet. Background:…

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  • Advantages Of Ointments

    Topical ointments Introduction: An ointment is semi solid topical preparation applied to external application with rubbing effect. It may be a vehicle or media for a drug or it may serve like a protective or emollient. Ointments show plastic flow characteristics. When the ointment is applied it is definite yield value and the resistant to flow drops as the applications to the skin is continued. Body: • Uses : There are two types of ointments: A- Medicated: used to treat different…

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  • Formulae Of Levodopa Floating Tablets

    CHAPTER-V FORMULATION AND EVALUATION OF LEVODOPA FLOATING TABLETS FORMULATION AND EVALUATION OF LEVODOPA FLOATING TABLETS Several approaches are currently used to retain the dosage form in the stomach. The principle of the floating tablets is simple and practically approach to achieve increased gastric residence time to obtain controlled release floating tablets designed based on the gas generating principle needs a strong floating matrix former. In this regard HPMC K4M,…

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  • Lornoxicam Research Paper

    a zwitterions in the strong state. The framing of two in number intramolecular N+–h•••o and N–h•••o– hydrogen bonds in a stable six-part ring geometry, S(6), renders this generally adaptable atom in an unbending adaptation (conformer A). A salt screen of LXM was attempted to enhance drug solvency and to study diverse compliances of the atom by shifting the counterion.[11] Lornoxicam • chemical Name: (3e)-6-chloro-3-[hydroxy (pyridin-2-ylamino) methylene]-2-methyl-2, 3-dihydro-4h-thieno [2,…

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  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Research Paper

    The aim of the present investigation is to intend, develop and evaluate a pulsatile drug delivery containing a core-in-cup based system of dry coated tablet of ketoprofen based on chronomodulated approach for management of Rheumatoid Arthritis. This pulsatile system contained a core tablet surrounded by an impermeable outer shell and top cover layer. Core tablet contained the active ingredient acting as reservoir, ethylcellulose was used to form an impermeable outer shell, the top cover layer…

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