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  • Analysis Of The Gaze Of Venus, By Sandro Botticelli

    viewer. This is a big change for this time period because the classical female s gaze that was submissive gaze was down and to the side. this is a progression in how things were starting to change in how the viewer is interacting with the painting and how the artist uses the gaze of the woman figure out When we are looking at the Birth of Venus we see the most famous version of her. The idealist version of the female nude and the gaze of the female nude are very close to the viewer. With the glaze of the woman almost on the viewer the The progression of the woman’s gaze throws out the painting of the nude woman. The most know nude woman in art history is the figure of the Venus Is the Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, (1486), Uffizi Gallery, Florence, tempera on canvas, . This painting was a creation The work of Venus of Urbino was created in 1538 by Tiziano Vecellio. With this painting is a nude female figure this is ready for her wedding night . The nude female figure is of a ideal woman during the late renaissance . this woman covers up her most important parts of her body to the general public. “The motif of a modest covering of her womb, barring entrance,” (Grabski,14). This is a description by Józef Grabski in his article “Victoria Amoris”: Titian’s “Venus of Urbino.” A Commemorative Allegory of Marital Love. He describes the painting Venus of Urbino , with the nude female figure gaze. “She is looking directly and with perspicacity at the viewer.…

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  • The Birth Of Venus By Sandro Botticelli

    There have been controversies over the meaning of the ideal image of a woman during the fifteenth, seventeenth and the twenty-first centuries, but in reality the concept of ideal beauty is not set in concrete. Women have been known for their outstanding leadership skills, determination and have been admired for their looks. Beauty is seen in many different qualities such as skin tones, height, weight and hair color. Many people just view the superficial captivating looks, but rarely is the…

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  • Aphrodite: The True Mysterious Beauty

    Nupinder Panesar 7855421 Aphrodite The True Mysterious Beauty Aphrodite, also known as Venus in the Roman myths, is the goddess of Love, Sex, and Beauty. Other than these titles, Aphrodite is the goddess of the sea and fertility. The birth of Aphrodite is separated into three different myths. The three myths are: 1) Born of the sea-form through the castrated genitals of the sky-god Ouranos, illustrated by Hesiodic; 2) Daughter of Zeus & Dione, told by homer ; 3) Hatched from an egg (Syrian…

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  • Neoplatonism In The Renaissance

    remained slightly flat due to the limited use of this technique. Atmospheric perspective is when the illusion of depth was made by blending the colors of the objects with the colors of the atmosphere and concurrently decreasing the saturation of color. The use of atmospheric perspective in this piece was limited, primarily because Botticelli was more concerned with depicting classical themes. Overall, this painting is composed in a brilliant manner with superb attention to detail. This…

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  • Fine Art In Italy

    museums or in private collections, not out for the public to see without most times paying a price. This disconnect between the reason for art, can be seen both cultures with how they handle the topic of the arts especially for example when raising their children. For an Italian, especially living in Italy, the arts are ingrained as a part of who they are, it is in their blood and their history. While for most Americans, the arts are something that is from an outside source, they do not have any…

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  • Distinctively Visual Analysis Of Venus By David Sando

    colour blue to predominate the painting. Venus’ hair is a really bright gold and has been said that it was added last in order for it to maintain the brightness of the colour and that it has and it shows on the leaves in the air blowing her way as well. The colour of Venus’ body and the other figures in the painting are close to skin colour, whereas Venus is a more pale colour then the rest of them and there could be a reason behind that, maybe because she was just born into the world even…

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  • Analysis Of Sandro Botticelli's Allegory Of The Spring

    Rome. (Capretti and Luchinat 1). He is believed to have painted the Primavera around 1485. During the later years of his life, he became an avid follower of a zealous friar called Savonarla. It is believed that he spent his final years in depression, isolation, and poverty. The Allegory of the Spring is one of the most prominent works of the Renaissance, and its true meaning still eludes many scholars today. It was originally intended to be a wedding to Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de'Medici from…

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  • Cause Of The Trojan War

    One of the most well-known stories in Greek mythology is the book of Iliad written around the 8th century BCE by Homer. The Trojan War happened during the late Bronze Age, approximately 750 B.C. The Trojan War happened thousand upon thousands of years ago. There were two kingdoms feuding; the town of Troy located in Anatolia and Mycenaean Greece. This conflict went on for about 10 years. What caused this war against the Spartans and the Trojans? According to Historylink101, “the cause of the…

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  • La Bella Principessa Thesis

    ‘The claim that La Bella Principessa is a genuine Leonardo rests on testing its paper and materials.’ Facebook Twitter Pinterest ‘The claim that La Bella Principessa is a genuine Leonardo rests on testing its paper and materials.’ Photograph: Lumiere Technology / Pascal Cotte/EPA I could buy that. Perhaps La Bella Principessa was created as a fake Leonardo in about 1650. Leonardo was already very famous then and his works were in huge demand; that’s the era when the British royal family bought…

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  • Comparing Leonardo Da Vinci And Michelangelo

    that were used was shadowing and this painting was done by oil. The Last Supper Painted by: Leonardo Da Vinci, 1495-1498 The last supper painting was one of Leonardo Da vinci famous paintings because it involves Jesus and the 12 disciples. This is such a wonderful piece of artwork because it shows Jesus and his 12 disciples at the final meal that Jesus will have before his crucifixion. This painting is a fresco painting (which is a technique of a mural painting which is done using freshly…

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