Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic

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  • The Kitchen Debate Analysis

    Shane Hamilton and Sarah Phillips highlights the debates of Richard Nixon and Nikita Khrushchev. Nikita Khrushchev and USSR are the clear victors of the kitchen debate. Khrushchev’s concern about the Soviet population as a whole is a key reason as to why he is the winner of the debate. Instead of being concerned about individualism, his focus was on the people and how he could better the country. To begin, unlike Nixon, Khrushchev sought out to treat Soviet women as equal human beings instead of slave to the kitchens. Nixon thought that the Soviet women would admire the shiny new kitchens that were in the American exhibition and that it would grab their attention. However, the women were…

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  • Ethnic Cleansing In Yugoslavia

    countries did nothing at the sight of the Bosnian genocide due to their belief that it was not a pressing matter. The Bosnian genocide should be studied so that mass murders of this scale are prevented and do not happen again. After World War II, Yugoslavia was a federation made up of six republics. There was much conflict between the different republics because of how ethnically diverse they were, but the dictator Josip Broz Tito managed to kept the country together. His death in 1980 was the…

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  • Democracy In The 70's

    there are many factors to determining what is a democratic state, such as opposition to mass media, civil liberties, rule of law, etc. (Diamond 2015). According to scholars, there are so many factors that determine democracy that it is almost impossible to truly determine a definitive answer on whether or not a country is increasing or decreasing in democracy. Croatia is one specific country that has adopted the idea of democracy and recently declared its’ independence on June 25, 1991.…

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  • Propaganda In Modern Society

    send false messages to their people to persuade the people to follow them. This is called propaganda which is spreading the ideas based on biased or misleading nature to help promote or publicizes a particular institution or particular cause. We have seen different leaders use different forms of propaganda such as Nazi 's, the Soviets, North Korea, 1990s Yugoslavia, and many more regimes. Propaganda isn 't just used by tyrants, communist…

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  • War Of Independence: The Croatian War Of Independence

    When Croatia separated from Yugoslavia on June 25, 1991, while the Croats and Muslims supported the idea of independence, the Croatian Serbs were opposed to the decision. The Serbs, instead, wanted to combine with Serbia to create a greater Serbia. In order to complete this, they began an ethnic cleansing of Croatia. An ethnic cleansing is where an ethnicity is killed off. The Serbs attacked people who were of another ethnicity, such as the Croats and Muslims. However, many became refugees and…

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  • Oral History Interview Research Paper

    basketball for another semi-pro team and eventually just quit because he lost his love for it. He was more interested in my mom, and soon she would be pregnant with her first kid, my sister Ema. He loved going to the beach, and he told me about how beautiful the oceans are there and how I am missing out. He first saw my mom at a concert, however; they both were seeing someone at the time and he did not talk to her. He later was told that she asked about him, and he made sure to make sure I knew…

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  • Bosnia Criminal Trial

    This new court was all centered around the experiment that had taken place between November 20th, 1945 and October 1st, 1949, the Nuremberg trials. These trials were a arrangement of 13 trials held for the sole purpose of bringing Nazi war criminals to justice, and in order to give these criminals a fair trial they were given prosecution and defense attorneys. The criminals were tried under British and American law, and instead of a single judge, the judges were world powers such as, Britain,…

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  • Sexual Crime Sociology

    responsibility for the rape. Nadler’s research (1999) shows that males have a innate instinct to procreate. It is impossible to control and it is an adaptive and evolutionary behavior. According to Nadler the thing that differentiates us human beings from apes is not the mental capacity to choose, but it is because we socialize men to not rape. This particular explanation is especially relevant in the context of the Bosnian genocide because the soldiers wanted to “spread their genes” in order…

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  • Dictatorship In Yugoslavia

    There is an old expression about the sophisticated construction of Yugoslavia: “Yugoslavia consists of six republics, five nationalities, four languages, three religions, two alphabets, one political party, and only one “true” Yugoslav – the Josip Broz Tito”. He managed to unite the country and to free it from the foreign invaders, hereinafter becoming a leader of the Communist Party and a statesman, in whose hands all political power was concentrated. Therefore, the thesis of this paper is…

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  • The Bosnian War Analysis

    Genocide”). But the country would never be the same. 100,000 lives had been lost in the war, countless towns and cities had been devastated, and Bosnia was left with an enormous refugee population. The people of Bosnia-Herzegovina would remain divided and distrustful of each other. And it would take years for the inevitable blame game to be sorted out and the perpetrators brought to justice. The Warning Signs, International Response, and Repercussions of the Genocide The United Nations and…

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