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  • Personal History: A Brief Biography Of Walt Disney

    drawing abilities by attending art classes at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts in the evening. Disney paid for the schooling himself by washing jars at his father’s jelly factory. When Disney was 16 he tried to follow in his brothers footsteps and join the army, but was too young so he decided to join the Red Cross’ Ambulance Corps which took him to France and Germany (Schwartz 2). When he returned from Europe in 1919, Disney was determined to become an artist. He moved back to Kansas City with his brothers, where he landed a job as an apprentice at Pesmen- Rubin Commercial Art Studio drawing horses, cows and bags of feed for farm equipment catalogues. Disney was quickly laid off along with another employee, Ub Iwerks, so they started their own company, calling it Iwerks- Disney (Walt 1). However, this also came to a quick end when the company went bankrupt (Biography 1). Soon after, Disney took a job at the Kansas City Film Ad Company where he made animated commercials, and just like everyone else on the 1920’s, Disney was curious as to how to improve the clumsiness of animation used at the company, causing him to look deeper into animation and start his own cartoons (Walt 1). Disney married his ink artist, Lillian Bounds on July 13, 1925 (Schwartz 2-3). Leading up to his death, Disney continued to work on his art and animation, figuring out ways to improve the way his cartoons and films were seen. In 1966 Disney was diagnosed with lung cancer that was caused by his…

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  • Walt Disney: The Consequences Of Failure As An Option

    Failure is an option Every successful entrepreneur must be have this traits which is failure is an option . Failure is an option can be define as when you do something wrong, you learn from it, and try to avoid damage and do your best. Normally people is try to escape for making a mistake or avoid to fail while doing something. We should always prepare a plan B for doing anything else, it is because instead of we are doing wrong at least we having a plan B. Learn from the mistake and take it as…

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  • Charles M. Schulz: The Invention Of Seatbelts

    The first Peanuts comic strip was introduced on October 2nd, 1950 illustrated by a man named Charles M. Schulz. The last strip was printed on February 13th, 2000, a day after Mr. Schultz died. There are hints on why certain things were named in the strip. His address is “1770 James Street” in Minneapolis.” It was invented because Charles was an average student and when someone found him and that he could draw they signed a 5 year contact with him to work for the Peanuts comic strip.…

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  • Ub Iwerks: A Career In Walt Disney Movies

    children's dreams and imaginations and making them think of a place, where dreams come true and magic and fairytales comes alive, in whatever ways imaginable. He made this possible through his work in movies, cartoons, children's books, storytelling, theme parks, etc. He did all of this in the middle of the Second World War and other problems happening in the world. While giving credit to Walt Disney, whose main priority is to focus on children’s happiness before money, rank, or revenue. …

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  • Walt Disney Biography

    Their first project together was Little Red Riding Hood, and soon after they began to create Alice’s Wonderland, but the company went bankrupt. Luckily, Margaret Winkler, a film distributor, agreed to sell Alice’s Wonderland films (5). On July 13, 1925, Walt married an inker at the studio named Lillian Bonds. Charlie Mintz, Margaret’s husband, took charge on the Alice’s Wonderland films. In 1927, Disney, Ub Iwerks, and other animators created a series of successful cartoons featuring Oswald…

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  • The American Dream In Snow White By Walt Disney

    That’s where he met his partner, Ub Iwerks. They were then laid off and decided to join forces into making the Iwerks- Disney Commercial Artists; lasting about a month. Going through a couple more jobs, Disney landed a job where he learned and soon had made something out of it. Starting his own business, Disney created an advertisement called Laugh-O-Grams. This company lasted for about a year and half. “He had good ideas, but he was not a good businessman. Eventually his staff left because…

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  • Walt Disney: An Exceptional Leader

    the Red Cross officials. He was assigned the duty of driving an ambulance and chauffeuring the Red Cross officials from one region to another. Walter’s ambulance had Disney cartoons all over instead of the stock camouflage. This implied that Disney was obsessed with arts. After driving an ambulance for a short period, he resigned and went to Kansas City in the year 1919. Here he worked as a commercial illustrator and formed crudely animated cartoons. In the year 1920, he had accomplished his…

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  • Innovation: Walt Disney, The Pioneer Of Animation

    He sent in his Laugh-o-grams to Margeret Winkler to get a job. Margeret was already a leading cartoon distributor and was interested in buying a series of shorts. Roy came into business with Walt the Disney Brother Studio had begun. Roy handled the business side of things and Walt worked on animations. They renamed the company to Walt Disney Studios and it had twelve working employees including Ub and Lillian Bounds. He later proposed to Lillian. The Alice series of each short began. Each of…

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  • Essay On Walt Disney Movies

    Before the studio can evolve, it needs to start out first. Let’s go back to the beginning; in 1923 the Walt Disney Company began. It was located in the rear of an office that was occupied by Holly-Vermont Realty in Los Angeles. Before the Disney Brothers and Ub Iwerks made Oswald and Mickey Mouse, the Disney Brother’s mad a series of live-action films called ALICE COMEDIES . SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS was the first full length animated movie ever made by Walt Disney Studio. Ever since that…

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  • The Influence Of Walt Disney On The Entertainment Industry

    While he worked at Pesmen-Rubin Art Studio, Walt met fellow cartoonist Ub Iwerks. After meeting Iwerks, Walt soon quit his newspaper job and began working for Kansas City Film Ad Company along side his new employee, Fred Harman. Walt and Harman began experimenting with their love for cartoons. Chalking a deal with their local theatre, the duo was able to screen their immensely popular Laugh-O-Grams which allowed Disney to create his own studio named after the cartoons. Laugh-O-Gram Studios’ ran…

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