Personal History: A Brief Biography Of Walt Disney

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Personal History Walt Elias Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois, on December 5, 1901. Disney was one of five children and spent the majority of his childhood in Marceline, Missouri. It was here that he began drawing and painting(Walt Disney 1), but at the age of 7, Disney moved to Kansas City and then moved once again in 1917 when his father bought a partnership in the O- Zell Jelly factory in Chicago, Illinois. In Chicago Disney became the junior art editor of his school newspaper at Mckinley High School and improved his drawing abilities by attending art classes at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts in the evening. Disney paid for the schooling himself by washing jars at his father’s jelly factory. When Disney was 16 he tried to follow …show more content…
He would draw and paint and sell pictures to family neighbors, and he continued on with his passion by taking classes at the Chicago Art Institute (Walt Disney 1). Disney created many types of art in his lifetime. He started off his artistic career drawing for farm equipment catalogues, but this talent later evolved into animated characters such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse. Disney began his animation work at the Kansas City Film Ad Company where he made animated commercials, which sparked an interest in him causing his art to advance more into him creating his own animated cartoons (Walt 1). This new type of art was called Laugh-O-Grams, a fairy tale that combined live action and animation (Schwartz 2) as well as advertisement with topical humor (Merritt Kaufman 1). He then continued on to create the “Alice Comedies,” a series where a living girl travels into a world of animation and later created films with synchronized sound and cartoons in color (Biography 1). Disney didn 't stop there; he carried on with animation taking it to a new level when he became the first person to create a full- length film (Anderson …show more content…
He started out drawing animals and bags of feed for farm equipment catalogues and evolved to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and then to the famous Mickey Mouse. Throughout time, Disney’s cartoons developed further and matured (Maltin 37). His art also progressed from the short 7 minute animations such as Laugh-O-Grams (Schwartz 2) into the creation full length films. The art also changed from his creations of silent animations until 1928 when he used synchronized sound and then in 1932 he started to produce his cartoons in color (Biography 1). Disney’s animation also changed based on the type of audience that was targeted. He started out with cartoons that were used in advertising (Merritt Kaufman 1) and then changed it so his cartoons appealed more to families (Johnson 1).
Why His Art Changed Disney’s art slowly changed over time due to the art becoming unpopular or based on reviews written in magazines and newspapers. Disney’s first cartoon, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was forced to change to Mickey Mouse because his co-workers stole the rights from him (Biography 1). He also modified his art because he became unsatisfied with his animations and thought that they needed to be revamped or he would soon be looking for a new job (Maltin 37). Another reason Walt Disney reshaped his art throughout the years was to make it better than competing companies.
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