The Disney World: The Symbols Of Walt Disney

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Walt Disney had a significant impact on society in that many companies around Orlando are influenced by Disney’s hard work and hospitality and stories such as Snow White impacted the entertainment industry; companies all over the world recognize Disney and Mickey Mouse and the meanings behind each symbol.

Born in 1901, Walt Disney was one of not only North America 's, but quite possibly the entire globe 's biggest icons and most influential men for decades to last. Born in Chicago on December 5th, Disney practically started out making animations and cartoons right from the get-go. Walt Disney created his first park in Anaheim, California, but the Orlando location of Walt Disney World is the biggest and most tourist-visited park of the bunch.
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Being known and loved worldwide creates an enormous customer base that Disney thrives off of. Countries’ all over the world notice the values of respect and care it implements into its facilities and visitors. With acknowledgment across the Earth, Disney has a “…sense of uniformity worldwide” that is extremely rare for many business (The Disneyfication of...). Typically, establishments cater to people of their area but what sets Disney apart is the idea of unification it creates. A separate yet similar form of unification each Disney park employs is their regulations and customs of the others in an attempt to establish a universal idea of what Disney should be like (The Disneyfication of...). For example, Mickey Mouse may be the most commonly recognized cultural figure on earth being both part of television and the parks themselves; which lends …show more content…
Walt Disney created this fun loving character but he also developed and released others such as Snow White in 1937. This year additionally marked the “…first feature-length, colour, animated movie” with the release of Snow White (Ellwood). Disney used realism in his modernistic tendencies to portray events that met halfway between real life and imaginary. Upon the development of this movie, the entertainment industry has been forever changed for the better and he essentially paved the road for animated entertainment to follow. Watts states that “Walt Disney was once compared to Leonardo Da Vinci for is graphic art” which is entirely possible given how influential both the art itself and the symbolism behind it was, especially during their respective time periods. From the very beginning of the Disney Corporation, it has been continually advancing and is now “…one of the largest media and entertainment cooperation’s in the world…”(The

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