Ulnar deviation

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  • Splint Wearing Reflection Paper

    in it for two hours. Saturday morning I wore the splint for three and a half hours deer hunting. I must say that the splint was comfortable, but it hindered me in all occupations. In the setting of driving and community mobility I got into my truck and cranked it and I thought this isn’t bad at all. I stopped at a store to get a drink and when I reached to turn the ignition off, I realized that I was limited in range of motion especially in radial deviation and wrist extension. Upon entering the store and getting my drink I realized all my money was in my right front pocket. The splint doesn’t go into my pocket and I could not reach into my pocket with my left hand. Needless to say I had to remove the splint to retrieve the money from my pocket. The man at the counter was looking at me with a smirk but never offered his assistance. After entering my house, I proceeded to put all my things down to change clothes and again I was faced with limited range of motion. I needed full wrist extension and flexion, radial and ulnar deviation in order to remove my clothes. I put some clothes in the washer and dryer that did not present a challenge. When I was folding and hanging my clothes from the dryer I ran into some on the same limitations as…

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  • Volkmann's Contracture: A Case Study

    If the pressure continues, there will be decreased sensation in the arm, paleness of the skin, and weakness in the forearm. Some signs of Volkmann’s in the arm are an appearance that is characterized by a fixed position of elbow flexion, forearm pronation, wrist flexion, MP extension, IP flexion, and thumb adduction. Many patients have sensory deficits, motor weakness and/or paralysis, an absence of radial and ulnar pulses at the wrist, and severe palsy in the distribution of the median nerve…

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  • Cooperative Learning

    with an average (3.52), with standard deviation (1.087), and with a degree of response (Agree). "The physical set-up of my classroom is a hindrance to using cooperative learning ", where the paragraph number (23) was obtained the third rank with an average (3.45), with standard deviation (1.063), and with a degree of response (Agree). 3- The rest of the paragraphs had a degree of response (Undecided) as follows: The paragraph number (14) which states that " If I use cooperative learning, my…

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  • Solidago Altissim Analysis

    The mean weight of the 51 galls preyed upon by birds (1.31g with standard error ±0.06g and standard deviation ±0.46g, range 0.4g-2.4g) was larger than the mean weight of the 33 galls that were not preyed upon by birds (1.12g with standard error ±0.06g and standard deviation ±0.32g, range 0.4g-1.8g, p=0.0304) (Figure 4). The mean weigh of the galls preyed upon by birds was found to be significantly larger than the weight of the galls not preyed upon by…

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  • Ap Biology Lab

    adhered to nail polish on the leaf. Then by using the tape handle, the nail polish from the leaf was removed carefully and placed on a slide. The same procedure was applied to the second leaf as well. Peels were made from similar locations on each leaf. After by using microscope number оf stоmata per field оf view was counted for ten non-overlapping fields оf view fоr eаch pееl. All data was recorded on the data sheet. By using this formula the all obtained data was converted to stomata per…

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  • Exploratory Behavior

    agree with the previously mentioned scientist’s implications to their findings. In fact, they covered numerous areas of practical applications I would never have conjured. Initially discovering the intelligent abilities of octopuses, I cringed at the idea of containing them in an empty tank with out objects or sand. For the justification of humane treatment, octopuses should have multiple enrichments in their environments. Intelligent creatures need mental stimulus for physiological and…

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  • Rural Education Essay

    In theory, PD programs seek to help teachers gain subject-specific knowledge (Dadds, 2001), use appropriate pedagogical practices (Darling-Hammond and McLaughlin, 1995; Schifter et al., 1999), develop positive attitudes towards teaching (Cobb, 2000), and ultimately improve the learning of students (Villegas-Reimers, 2003). The importance of PD is further supported by empirical evidence from developed countries. For example, in a review of experimental evaluations of PD programs in developed…

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  • What Percentage Of People Prefer Hunt's Brand Ketchup Case Study

    a return is 90 minutes and the standard deviation of this distribution is 14 minutes. Suppose 100 returns from this year are selected and analyzed regarding the preparation time. What assumption do you need to make about the shape of the population distribution of all possible tax preparation times to make inferences about the mean time to complete a tax form? * The population distribution is skewed to the left. * The population distribution is normal. * The shape of the…

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  • Sample Case Analysis: Case 10.1 Motive Power Company

    if the average diameters of the two groups of rivets are the same. Conclusions from both statistical techniques led us to believe that both rivet suppliers on average provide rivets with about the same diameters. Therefore supplier with less expensive rivets should be given consideration for future needs. Analysis: Data for case 10.1 was obtained from the CANVAS class web page in an Excel file format. It included 100 samples of each rivet family from the two suppliers. At step one,…

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  • Virtual Manipulatives

    This was a quantitative study focused on the mean standard deviation of both groups. Also there was data collected on a strategy of “repeated figures” used to solve the equations on both sets of assessments. The results indicated no significant difference in pre and post tests for students using virtual or concrete manipulatives. Both strategies were effective and supported student learning. Also, since the pretest score were relatively high, possible celling effects may have caused this to…

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