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  • Ultrasonic Technology Case Study

    Ultrasonic Technologies, Inc. (UST) is a small R&D and manufacturing company located in Wesley Chapel, Florida, specializing in ultrasonic quality and process control equipment for solar cells, fuel cells, health and defense industries (www.ultrasonictech.com). Dr. Sergei Ostapenko, President and CEO of the company will serve as a Principal Investigator of the Incubator 11 project. He has many years of experience in technology development, and previously served as PI in NSF and DOE funded projects. The DOE SBIR Phase I and II programs provided seed funding for commercialization of UST’s Resonance Ultrasonic Vibration (RUV) system for solar and fuel cell applications [7, 8]. Proprietary RUV technology [9] was initially developed for photovoltaic…

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  • Tesla Model S: Evolution In Automobile Engineering

    Tesla Model S is regarded as an “evolution in automobile engineering” (Teslamotors.com, 2015). With its dual motor feature at the front and rear wheels (see Figure 2 above) resulting in “unparalleled traction control in all conditions”, Tesla Model S is a definite enhancement on a usual conventional four-wheel drive system. (Teslamotors.com, 2015) Every individual Model S is constructed to be lighter, smaller and more efficient to provide both faster acceleration and improve range, enabling the…

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  • Electro Mechanical Actuator Case Study

    How Electro-mechanical Actuator Works? A Rotary Electromechanical Actuation system with an Electric Motor, a gear box & an elastic spring to absorb peak torque loads experienced during operational life. The Schematic below describes the system. Fig. 1.1 Rotary Electro-mechanical Actuator Gearbox Requirements: The Gear Box at the Motor Output is intended to amplify the torque output of the Motor with reduction in speed. The tentative ratio is set at 10:1. Functional Requirements of…

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  • Analysis Of Frequency

    The proposed approach was implemented, tested and validated for SVPWM and DPWM2 techniques, including the over-modulation region. The proposed switching frequency variation strategy was able to reduce switching losses up to 20% over the conventional constant switching frequency SVPWM and DPWM2 techniques. This strategy also spreads peaky harmonic spectrum of the output waveform which may help in reducing acoustic noise, however, consequent introduction of lower frequency harmonics in the…

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  • Arvind Mills Case Study

    The turnaround case scenario on Arvind Mills: History: Arvind (ARVND), established in 1931 as Arvind Mills Ltd, the flagship of the Lalbhai group, is the largest textile company in India. It was the first to introduce the globally accepted fabric, denim, to India in 1986. Currently, Arvind is the leading manufacturer of denim, with a manufacturing capacity of 108mmt (Million Metric Ton) p.a. Company is also the largest producer of textile fabrics in India making shirting, voiles, khakis and…

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  • Case Study Rolls Royce

    Case Analysis Paper Q1. Consider where you would situate the Rolls Royce operation on the Hayes and Wheelwright model of operations contribution in the 1960’s and now – discuss the difference? The Rolls Royce Company’s transition from 1960’s to current situation has change a lot in their business strategy. The Rolls Royce current scenario shows an image of company who is not only a market leader in using new and advanced high level technology but also very futuristic in handling global…

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  • Summary Of Sensory Processing Disorder

    They conducted a case study on a 7 year old boy with delayed motor skills and sensitivity to light, sound and touch and a 7 year old girl with concentration and writing problems. They underwent the same sensory diet of fine motor skills therapy and scheduled one-on-one activities. The treatment was seen as extremely helpful to the girl and less valuable for the boy. Though both children had fine motor skill issues, the girl had a concentration issue while the boy had a sensitivity issue. These…

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  • Tesla Model S: Identified Solution For A Sustainable Transportation Industry

    redoubtable opponents as BMW or AUDI, Model S made a spectacular achievement to lead on the top EV car sale with many awards. Finally, the Model X debut in 2015 was occurred in a surprising situation: Tesla reported a profit loss of $159 million by the end of second quarter 2015. In the same quarter, other automakers, Ford and GM were posting EBIT profit of 2.6 and 2.8 billion respectively. However, it is reasonable for a start-up company because of following factors. First of all, as a…

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  • Case Study: Alderman Trucking Company

    THE ALDERMAN CASE Velma W. Alderman, 55 TC 662 Case Facts: On February 13, 1963 The Alderman’s transferred the assets of their sole proprietorship, Alderman Trucking Company, to a newly formed corporation, Alderman Corporation. At the time of the transfer, all of their assets were exchanged for 99 shares of the outstanding stock of the corporation as well as the assumption by the corporation of all liabilities pertaining to the sole proprietorship. The liabilities assumed by the corporation…

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  • Uber's External Opportunities And Threats

    In response to your request, I am providing you with this report concerning the analysis of Uber’s internal strengths and weaknesses and the external opportunities and threats. The Ride sharing service Uber is one of the fastest growing companies at the moment, valued at $ 17 billion. It is available in more than 150 cities in more than 45 countries. Uber has been trying to expand into Europe, but unfortunately with not much success. To make a successful entry into the European market, Uber has…

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