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  • The Odyssey Comparison Essay

    The scenario can be seen used in the movie at the scene when Ulysses and his men find themselves near a lake, or stream where they meet three beautiful women with enchanting voices. Like the Odyssey these women or “singing sirens” lured them for the worse, for instance, Pete was turned in for a reward, as for Odysseus’s men were being lured to death. This plot is likely used as another obstacle or adventure of Ulysses. Another plot that’s similar is the idea that the main character is assumed dead. In the Odyssey everyone assumed Odysseus was dead because it took him a while to return home. Again, like Odysseus, Ulysses was assumed dead too. However, unlike Odysseus, the writers used it against the main character or Ulysses. They made his wife purposely say he was dead because he was away serving time in jail, and didn’t like their children and others to know. In conclusion, the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou is a modern narrative of the book, “The Odyssey.” We can see both share similar characters, themes, and plots as compare the following. Although “The Odyssey” isn’t told exactly the same way, we can still see and understand…

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  • John Lewis Swot Analysis

    Introduction Ever since it opened around 1864, John Lewis, as a whole brand, has grown in to one of the UK’s leading departmental stores and enduring brands. John Lewis is one of few that boasts the only remaining traditionally English brand with a focus on quality, value-for-money and practicality (John Lewis, 2008). John Lewis specializes in a number of departments that range from selling food and drinks, to clothes, household and electrical goods. In addition, John Lewis has recently…

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  • Ulysses And Proteus

    The Land and the sea James Joyce one of Irelands greatest writers considered his characters as ways of the reader seeing the world from a different perspective. In The Proteus chapter in Ulysses and in Dubliners Joyce questions the land and the sea and represents Irish life in his work. The idea of the sea against the land as some sort of border can be seen through Joyce’s characters Evelyn in Dubliners and Stephen in Proteus.(Joyce, Ulysses) The paralysis of Irish life is contemplated in…

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  • A Modest Proposal And Ulysses Comparison

    may normally not see. A Modest Proposal written by Jonathan Swift in 1729 and Ulysses written by Alfred Lord Tennyson in 1833 are prime examples of the passion that can be conveyed with the word. Swift and Tennyson write from a vastly different spectrum of emotion. Even with both authors taking a passive stance on their subjects, Swift’s A Modest Proposal is a satirical essay that conveys a sadness and anger at the station gap and poverty in 1700’s Ireland while Tennyson portrays the…

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  • Stream Of Consciousness In William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying

    The Modern Period was a time of great experimentalism, popular authors began to subvert the tropes of past renowned authors, and there was a new sense of what literature could be. New narrative techniques were being used by many, and one of the most notable was the Stream of Consciousness narrative, where the author would translate their protagonists thoughts directly, rather than giving the audience an omniscient narrator. This strategy was a tool that enabled an entirely different form of…

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  • The Dual Nature Of David Copperfield

    Kierkegaard statement that “Man lives forward and understands backward”, used as an epigraph by Robert L Patten in his essay on David Copperfield, goes someway towards demonstrating the dual nature of the text – both as a story of a boy progressing through life, and simultaneously as the story of a writer considering his early life. However, he nature of the bildungsroman in David Copperfield is distorted further by a second level of fictionalization: the nature of David himself as narrator and…

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  • A La Juventud Filipina Analysis

    A La Juventud Filipina Jose Rizal wrote the poem a la juventud Filipina in 1879 when he was but a student in the University of Santo Tomas, and as the title suggests, was written for the Filipino youth. The first prize was conferred upon Rizal for this composition, at a competition held by the Liceo Artistico Literario de Manila. Rizal’s teenage years were the years when his nationalism and patriotism were being fostered more and more, according to Fr.…

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  • What Is The Mood Of The Poem Ulysses By Lord Tennyson

    In the poem, “Ulysses,” author Lord Tennyson writes about the king of Ithaca, Ulysses, who had fought in the Trojan War, and had so deeply enjoyed his many travels that he is bored of ruling over his island home, and once again yearns to explore the world. Tennyson writes this poem in the form of a dramatic monologue, and by using this technique the reader is told details of the main characters life and personality through his speech. This is also accomplished through the way the poem itself is…

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  • Stephen's Search For Identity In The Stranger By James Joyce

    Since he will likely return home, he will resort to his pragmatic way of thinking. It becomes a way for Stephen to establish himself and the world around him as we have learned in Portrait. In Ulysses he uses pragmatism as a coping mechanism. In order to comprehend himself and his failures he has to revert to the logical career choice. He needs to be in an environment in which he doesn’t necessarily thrive in order to recognize his true potential. As Stephen continues to mature, he will…

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  • As I Lay Dying Reflection

    In As I Lay Dying, Faulkner creates a frantic, and conceited world with very little room for success. As the book progressed through the journey of burying Addie, the scene of despair never changes. While a satisfying conclusion brings in happiness to the readers, Faulkner’s unsatisfactory endings of the Bundrens delivers pain and misery to the readers, and that may well be what the mood he wants the audience to feel. Through the use of unexpected events, Faulkner cultivates a realistic…

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