Un Chien Andalou

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  • Un Chien Andalou Film Analysis

    The most famous images within the film are the severed hand, a hand swarmed with ants and a hand slicing into a woman’s eyeball with a razor blade. The repetitive use of the hand within Un Chien Andalou symbolises fetish; “what hands can do and how they can generate both intense pleasure and intolerable pain.” (Hutchinson, 2014) This relates back to the themes of subconscious desires which is emphasised by the grotesque imagery which dominates the film. Dali compared the slicing with “the tenderness of gentle cuts of a scalpel on the curves of her pupils” (Elder, 2012:619) which proposes that this imagery has erogenous suggestions and “those implications explain the connection with the soft wisps of the clouds caressing the moon.”(Elder, 2012:619) It is a clear subversion from classical cinema, designed to create ‘unpleasure’ within audiences who are used to aesthetically pleasing representations. For example, the first scene shows…

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  • Un Chien Andalou Analysis

    The very first scene in ‘Un Chien Andalou’ made me cringe when the man slit the woman's eyeball. Just the start of the move alone gave me the feeling that I would be watching a horror film. But as the rest of the film continued I started to feel that the movie may be categorized under a mystery or as a sci-fi. Though Un Chien Andalou wasn't one of my favorite films since it was quite hard for me to follow the story. From my understanding the movie was supposed to portray that the protagonist…

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  • Surrealism In Film

    In February of 2004, Jonathan Jones wrote an article titled, “The joy of gore” and shares that after 1929 and release of the short film Un Chien Andalou, was the turn when society began to look at cinema differently (Jones web). In this film, we are the viewer have no time to brace for the shock and honor or seeing the eye sliced open and begin to ooze, it sparked a new desire of the unexpected. While at first this was traumatic to many, society as a whole wanted more. In the film Spellbound by…

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  • Un Chian Andalou Analysis

    Un Chien Andalou is a silent movie that was produced in 1928 by the director, Luis Buñel, along with the help of Salvador Dali. The idea for the movie came from Buñel, after having a dream that he shared with Dali. Buñel said that he saw the moon being sliced in half by a cloud, while Dali responded that he too had a dream in which he had seen a hand crawling with ants. This led to Dali expressing an interest in creating a movie. The continuous collaboration between the two of them went very…

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  • Mirrormask, Un Chien Andalou: Film Analysis

    “Are you thinking what I am thinking?” “Yes. If we put little wheels on the bottoms of our shoes, we could just roll around everywhere...” The characters Helena and Valentine from the film MirrorMask have this dialogue and it sums up the randomness of surrealism. It emphasizes how two completely arbitrary unrelated objects can be fused together in the creative world of surrealism where there essentially are no boundaries. This essay will discuss that in terms of the film MirrorMask, and Un…

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  • James Madison By Gary Wills: Summary

    Gary Wills is the author of the book James Madison, which details the life of James Madison through his career as a politician. The focus of the book is Madison’s presidency, which Wills brings to the forefront as the major topic. Wills states that most other books do not focus on Madison’s presidency saying, “Madison’s very presidency is semi-forgotten. When Madison expert Jack N. Rakove published a selection of his writings in 1999, only 40 of its 864 pages came from his presidential years.”…

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  • Theme Of Totalitarianism In George Orwell's Animal Farm

    phonemes appeared today in North Korea too. According to the website Human Rights Watch, “Kim Jong-Un’s power is built on the continued abuses inflicted on the North Korean people because he sits at the helm of a central government apparatus that uses public executions, extensive political prison camps, and brutal forced labor to maintain control,”. Kim Jong-Un, the dictator of North Korea, public arrest and kill anyone who threatens his power. Napoleon is capable of doing anything to get power…

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  • Systematic Denial

    Systematic Denial of Human Rights The fire moved quickly through the house, a one-story wood-frame structure in Corsicana Texas. Flames spread along the walls, plunging through doorways, blistering paint and tiles, and blackening furniture. Smoke pressed against the ceiling, seeping through each room and every window crevice, billowing into the morning sky. Inside the house, children screaming “Daddy, Daddy!” and neighbors lining the streets to watch the commotion. The fire deemed a triple…

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  • Death Penalty Definition

    The legal definition of the death penalty in Merriam-Webster is death as punishment with reference to a crime. The death penalty also known as capital punishment is a fancy word for legally killing people (Amsterdam). Since 1796 there have been 1,434 people who have been executed through capital punishment. Currently approximately 3,300 people still await execution in the United States.This form of punishment is expensive, cruel, violates human rights, and an execution of the innocent could very…

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  • Capital Punishment In Stephen Nathanson's An Eye For An Eye

    In Stephen Nathanson’s book, An Eye for an Eye, he argues against capital punishment by discussing the problems of the most common argument for the death penalty: the Equal Punishment Principle. He also discusses the problems with sub-category theories of the Equal Punishment Principle: quality/proportional retributivism, and ends by offering the reader what abolishing the death penalty would grant to society. Nathanson believes the Equal Punishment Principle if fallible, because it is difficult…

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