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  • The Importance Of Unity In Islam

    the poor, the rich, young, elderly, and so on to form a strong society (Sumayah Mohamed Saleh and Shadiya Mohamed Baqutayan 2012). In other words, unity in Islam is not merely togetherness of Muslim populations in a physical way, but to build the bonds that might fasten the cohesion of the Ummah in a more emotional, spiritual and economic approach. That is why the Muslim people take the name Ummah, they are one nation, even if they live in various countries. When the society provides a full attention to each other, not just the personal advantages, but the whole nation as a one; the Ummah hence, soothes all illness wounds that can grow between them. Thus, the population might live a peaceful and harmonious life…

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  • Qu-Ranic Text Analysis

    Just as Mohammad was both the secular and religious leader of the Ummah, so too was his successor or Caliph. This joining of both religious and secular authority is present in one of the earliest uses of Qu 'ranic text as propaganda. All religions proselytize, and in religions which have a central text the easiest way to proselytize is to expose an outsider to one 's central text. it may seem irrelevant to discuss a particular instance of someone using Qu 'ranic text as propaganda because…

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  • Challenges Of Prophet Islam

    on this earth. As before in the olden days, currently Islam is facing various challenges from secularism, other religions, atheism, modernism, liberalism, pluralism, deviationists etc. The non-Muslims who are anti-Islam never stop trying to weaken or dilute Islamic faith among the Muslims, especially towards the younger generation. Since the fall of Islamic Empire in the 15th century, Muslim countries pathetically come under the influence and dominance of Western powers in almost every…

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  • Sharia In Islam

    in representative democracy the representative presents whatever he is asked to and the representative has less power than the delegate. Ijma is an Arabic word which mean ‘consensus’ and in the system of Islamic government, the ruler is regarded as the God’s tool for realization of the divine will and the guarantor of the application of sacred law and because of this reason the ruler must be elected by ‘ummah’ which is the community. Since the community is guided and directed through the…

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  • Reflective Essay About Islam Experience

    Initially before reading the book, I expected and predicted that the book would be a typical book written by many Muslim reverts where they would just describe their experience before and after becoming a Muslim. However, as I read the preface which is a habit in order to know the writer’s purpose and set my own intention of the book, I knew that Jeffrey Lang is not typical reverts. The book answers my questions, argues my existing principals and promotes me into thinking deeper about experience…

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  • Al Qaida Central Goal Of Jihad

    Al- Qaida’s central goal of jihad is a defensive reaction towards Western hostility against the religion of Islam and Muslims which diverges from the divine law of the shariʿa. This global militant organization does also perceive the necessity for its community of believers (ummah) from foreign lands with non-Muslims that are unable to live as per their religion to be prepared in supporting their jihadist activities by opposing this society of unbelievers in the West until it impedes their…

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  • The Judaic Faith: The Five Pillars Of Islam

    Community in the Islamic faith is deeply integrated into the religion. For Islam you must follow the five pillars of Islam, in which each pillar is a compulsory act. These five pillars of Islam revolve around ummah. Ummah is an Arabic word that means community. The pillars are the salat, sawm, zakat, hajj, and the shahada. Salat, the first pillar is for the prayers, in this religion prayers are performed 5 times a day. There are specific times that one must pray while praying everyone in the…

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  • Good Life Research Paper

    women have equality with men, yet religious leadership is exclusive for men. The woman role is geared toward family, home, and religious training of children. Women can be in religious position over women spirituality. “In modern times there are many examples of Muslims women who exercise leadership in a variety of important roles, as political leaders, writers, teachers, scholars, doctors, engineers, and much more” (p. 492). The society of Muslims is that no one Muslim, regardless of…

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  • Transforming Our Community

    Transforming our Community In truth while our community is ethical and honorable we still, like many others, have to face difficult challenges and problems. The test here is to be able to conquer these challenges the way the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught the Muslim Ummah to throughout his life. If the Muslim communities allow these issues to defeat them, they will suffer more in this life and possibly in the hereafter. Overcoming the hardships that come our way will only help make the community…

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  • Symbolism In Waqf

    He defined waqf as holding an asset and preventing its consumption for purpose of repeatedly extracting its usufruct for the benefit of an objective representing righteousness/philanthropy. Binti Saifuddin, Kayadibi, Polat, Fidan, & Kayadibi (2014) define waqf as a property or asset donated by its owner for the sake of Allah in perpetuity (forever) to be used for charity for the benefit of Muslim Ummah. Binti Saifuddin, Kayadibi, Polat, Fidan, & Kayadibi further stated that poverty is the major…

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