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  • Mecca Learning Experience

    I want to start out saying that I really didn’t know anything about Islam, Mecca or the Hajj. So this whole video was quite the learning experience. What I found the most interesting is the…hoops that they have to go through to be completely forgive. Having to go on this journey, if female asking for a males permission to go, and how much it costs. I found it silly that you could pay for a better tent to sleep in – considering that they all supposed to be one and the same. The whole concept of the Hajj was extremely interesting too – a religious journey to see Mecca. The people that go through this would need to have a lot of patience – walking to and from each place, getting little to no sleep. They would have to have patience because this is something that we typically don’t take part in in our daily lives so it would be a whole new experience to go on. Religious endeavors rarely seem as ‘tedious’ when they’re for something that you believe in so strongly. Such as for Christians going to church on Sunday isn’t seen as a hassle, it’s a religious experience and important for us to go through. However, it was a little odd that a building and places had such a huge influence on the Hajj, from walking around the Kaaba, to walking in-between two hills – I just found it odd, probably because I have never gone through something of this nature. What really through me for a loop was the fact that they so easily mentioned that many people die every year simply because of all the…

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  • The Holy Pilgrim Research Paper

    Hajj, The Holy Pilgrimage The best way to begin this article is by this beautiful saying of Imam Sadiq (AS) regarding Hajj: “The pilgrims, i.e. performers of Hajj or ‘Umrah’ are the guests of Allah, if they ask for something, He will answer them; if they supplicate to Him, He will answer them; if they intercede, He will accept it; and if they keep quiet, He will be the beginner, and they will be compensated instead of one Dirham, a million Dirhams” [i]. Literally speaking, Hajj means heading to…

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  • The Hajjaj: An Integral Part In Islam

    During the rest of the year, Muslims can participate in a less pilgrimage known as Umrah. While similar to The Hajj, Umrah does not negate the requirement to participate in the Hajj. There are 3 different ways to complete the Hajj. One consists of performing the rites of the Umrah and then moving on to the rites of the Hajj. This is the most commonly completed type of Hajj. The other two, prevalent but less common, involve either completing the Umrah and Hajj is immediate succession, or…

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  • Difference Between Ritual And Non Ritual Worship

    least once in their life, providing that they are both physically and finically able to. However, if someone is unable to visit mecca due to ill health they can send a relative in their place, this point was not stated in the Shari’a. A person who has visited Mecca and preform the Hajj receives the tittle Hajji after they complete the ritual. (Corduan, 1998). Forms of Hajj The method and guideline governing the way in which pilgrimage is performed in mecca depends on the location of the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Telemedicine Technologies

    well-structured change management plan, inadequate support and training for the users (Medical experts). The use of the information telecommunication technologies in the telemedicine help to improve the adherence of physical treatment and it 's provide a remote consultations which help the medical experts (healthcare providers) to monitor their patients separately and control the evaluation of the patients. This solution gives the ability to join the medical experts with the patients or…

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  • Richard Wormser Islam Origin

    exceptions like students because they are not earning their own wage. Although there is an alternative contribution they could make which is called sadiqa. Sadiqa is the undertaking of doing a charitable act. The last two pillars of Islam are fasting and Hajj. These two actually have a lot to do with each other. Fasting is from dawn to sunset for the whole month of Ramadan. Just like Zakat there are exceptions for people who are sick, traveling, or are children for example. It’s considered the…

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  • Tawaj: The Philosophy Of Haj Rituals

    Muslims from all over the world are encouraged to participate in this great "pilgrimage" (Hajj). Everyone is considered equal. There is no discrimination on the basis of people’s race, sex, or social status. There are secrets about Hajj exoteric rituals that are somehow beyond man’s understanding and so not easy for everyone to learn. Some steps of the Hajj rites are reminiscent of the events associated with Abraham, Ishmael and his mother Hagar, and personify their self-sacrifice, altruism and…

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  • Farah Azzouz: Pilgrimage

    Armstrong’s Islam: A Short History, the Hajj is defined by a series of rituals: walking counter-clockwise seven times around Ka 'aba, a cubic building pointing in direction of Muslim prayer, running between the hills of Al-Safa and Al-Marwah, drinking water from the Zamzam Well, going to the plains of Mount Arafat to stand in night watch, sleeping one night in the plain of Muzdalifa, and performing a symbolic “stoning” of the devil by throwing stones at three pillars. After the above tasks are…

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