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  • Mecca Informative Speech

    Mecca is a big religious city. Everyone in the Mid-eastern area either visits or settle down there. Many Muslims come from all over to contribute in Mecca’s annual pilgrimage. It is called the hajj. In this road of movement, the pilgrims follow the footsteps of the prophets and recount their devotion to the almighty God. There are five acts that every Muslim must perform in their lifetime to be able to be with God when he calls them home. The acts are witness, worship, fasting, tiding, and pilgrimage. The ones that do the ritual are called hajjis. They will keep this title in their name until their mission is completed. Women and men are dress different during the Hajj. Men wear two pieces of white sheets and the women wear a hijab to cover their neck and hair. Everyone is equality balanced and are able to stand next to each other. This is showing that there is equality in the Muslims before God. Any…

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  • Mecca Learning Experience

    I want to start out saying that I really didn’t know anything about Islam, Mecca or the Hajj. So this whole video was quite the learning experience. What I found the most interesting is the…hoops that they have to go through to be completely forgive. Having to go on this journey, if female asking for a males permission to go, and how much it costs. I found it silly that you could pay for a better tent to sleep in – considering that they all supposed to be one and the same. The whole concept of…

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  • Pilgrimage To Mecca Haj: One Of The Five Pillars Of Islam

    Pilgrimage to Mecca - Hajj Hajj means pilgrimage and is one of the five pillars of Islam. In Islam every Muslim is obliged to perform hajj at least once in their lifetime if they are able to do so. Muslims can perform hajj once per year in the month of Dul-Hijjah which is the twelfth and last month of the Islamic calendar. There are several steps in performing hajj which span over five days, from 8th to 12th sometimes 13th Dull-Hijjah. During the hajj Muslims have to travel to many different…

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  • Oumar's Journey

    Resting on the edge of the Niger River in the usual searing heat of Timbuktu, Fatima, daughter of a village trader Oumar and his wife Awa, quietly ponders about her father and his current pilgrimage to Mecca alongside Musa Keita I and 72,000 other men. Oumar was individually selected by the Mansa himself for this journey, and as important as the pilgrimage is, Fatima cannot help but to feel perturbed by her father’s absence. Awa and Fatima have uniformly quarreled with each other for the past…

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  • Malcolm X's Reframing Theory

    internal and external experiments. Human Resources Malcolm X communicated a strong belief to the people and the congregation that followed his lead. This was a systemic approach that developed over time during his initial role in the Nation of Islam. During the beginning of his journey through Islam, he was a Mullah for the Hon. Alijah Muhammad and later Louis Farrakhan. As he developed and critiqued this passion and knowledge he became more dedicated and influential, which increased his…

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  • Essay On The Five Pillars Of Islam

    Within the Qur’an, Islam’s central sacred text, exists of a set of rules that all Islamic adherents should aspire to obey, known as the Five Pillars of Islam. The following pillars are the following: declaration of faith (declaring that there is only one God and Muhammad is the prophet of God), salat (the compulsory prayers that are performed five times a day), the zakat (to give charity to those who are less fortunate), sawn (to perform a fast in the month of Ramadan) and hajj (to perform a…

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  • The Persecution Of Muhammad's Life

    having a hard time gaining followers in mecca due to the fact that his new religion threatened the average Meccan moral and way of life. Not only did this make Muhammad's mission so much harder, but it also created a form of persecution for Muhammad and his followers in Mecca. At first it began with mocks and discrimination, but overtime, this form of persecution led to violence as many followers of Muhammad would be beaten or even put in jail. (Muhammad) Initially Muhammad was having a hard…

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  • The Pilgrimage To Islam

    of pilgrimages that provide pilgrims with spiritual transformations that strengthens the connection between them and their faith, at the same time as providing them with purpose and meaning. Contemporary tourism crosses paths with religious pilgrimages in the spiritual forms used. Islam acknowledges the importance of pilgrimages in their faith and worship. The fifth pillar of Islam is the Hajj, which is the pilgrimage to Mecca. The Hajj is a religious duty that must be undertaken at least once…

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  • The Importance Of A Bank In Saudi Arabia

    1.0 Introduction The following report is written to introduce, inform and advise ‘finance for you’ as to whether a bank should or should not be opened in Saudi Arabia. I have investigated and reported upon the following points; General Considerations: religion, language, dress etiquette and customs. Travel Issues including access and importance of visa and country security. 2.0 General Considerations 2.1 Language & Religion Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia, though travellers…

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  • Malcolm X: An African-American Leader

    white society ( African Studies). On April 13, 1964, Malcolm X left the United States on a personal and spiritual journey through the Middle East and West Africa. In Saudi Arabia, he’d experienced what amounted to the second life-changing epiphany in his life as he accomplished the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, and discovered an authentic Islam of universal respect and brotherhood. According to Malcolm X in his letter from Mecca, he said, “There were tens of thousands of pilgrims, from all over…

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