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  • Undercover Operations Assignment

    Undercover Operations Assignment Introduction- When people think of undercover work, many things might come to mind. Is it a good idea, bad idea, or does it depend on the circumstance at hand? My opinion when it comes to undercover work is it all depends on the situation at hand. There are certain times when it is a great idea to send someone or use an undercover group, then at other times it’s not a good idea or thought out very well. Though out this paper I am going to talk about a few ways in which I saw the operations to work well, not so well, and what parts are most important to focus on when doing an undercover operation. Reaction- Undercover operations require tons of planning, paying attention to detail, and making sure you don’t blow your cover. In the very beginning of the book, it talked about all the necessary planning that had to be done and what…

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  • Sean Bell Police Shooting Case

    law enforcement misconduct. In today’s world, almost everything is videotaped, which often causes a lot of conflict because it doesn’t display all the facts. Most times, the video is just a short portion of what really occured. In Sean Bell’s case, it shows that there is still ongoing corruption and police brutality that occurs. In this case, there were four police officers involved in the fatal shooting, which included fifty rounds being fired. This all occurred in Queens, New York. One factor…

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  • Police Ethics And Accountability Analysis

    source of undesirable influence on their police handlers and the idea that a criminal associate is an ‘informant’ is a favourite excuse of corrupt police. Therefore, strict protocols need to be in place for the management of informant (Prenzler, 2013, p. 66). The following outlines the good integrity management of advanced strategies. The first advanced strategies are measuring integrity. Police corruption is often highly secretive and the nature of frontline policing means it is difficult to…

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  • Sex With Prostitution Research Paper

    Prostitution investigations often involve joint task forces from multiple agencies with city, county, and state officials. In addition, many of these investigations are also coordinated with various federal authorities such as the FBI, ATF, and the Department of Homeland Security. Yes, your tax dollars pay for undercover police officers and federal agents to sit in massage parlors and seedy strip clubs, for months at a time, ordering drinks and lap dances. Ultimately, the only constructive…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sidewalk Sleeping

    and journalist only look at the big picture. If there was to be an undercover cop within this group of people, there could be consequences by law and arrests of many vendors. As a sociologist, there is no harm to these subjects. The third basic principle of code of ethics is to “protect subjects from personal harm,” which a police would not be doing by arresting a man for simply urinating in public (Schaefer, 39). The code of ethics states that a basic principle includes, “maintaining…

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  • Subway And Le Samourai: Film Analysis

    Throughout both films, there is never a failure due to technology not working the way that it is supposed to. Every error is human error, either due to ignorance or mistake. The police force has access to all the current technology, everything from spy software used to bug Jef’s apartment to the interactive maps of the metro where they fail to properly track the suspects. These maps play a large part in showing the failures of the detectives in both films. In Le Samourai, throughout the entire…

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  • Chikatilo Case Study

    Nine of the murders were between June and August of 1984. Exactly one week after his fifteenth kill of the year of 1984 on September 13, Chikatilo was watched by an undercover officer luring women in from a bus station. He was then arrested and held. A search of his things was conducted and they found a rope as well as a knife. They believed the knife created that as are incisions that were to be found on the body.. Chikatilo was discovered to be under investigation for a minor theft at a…

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  • The Undercover Parent

    Children are curious by nature; the urge to explore the unknown is in their blood. Generations ago, the unknown might have involved the outdoors or the wilderness. Today, the “unknown” that children know of and wonder about is on the internet. Inquisitiveness can be a good thing, but when the curiosity of kids, and especially teens, is paired with the wide array of possibilities on the internet, a potentially dangerous situation may be created. In the article “The Undercover Parent,” Harlan…

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  • The Undercover Parent Analysis

    In Harlen Coben's The Undercover Parent, Coben argues in favor of spyware being applied to the computers of children. He claims that spyware will allow the parent to protect the child from himself/herself as the parent will be able to see every keystroke that the child makes. In doing so, the parents would be able to protect their children from tragic events such as, the author mentions, "gambling away their entire life savings" or having a child being "cyber bullied until the point where she…

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  • Summary Of The Undercover Parent

    Harlan Coben posted an online news editorial, titled “The Undercover Parent” (16 March 2008) that suggests to parents that they should have conversations about their teens, and let them know spyware, on their computer, is a possibility. The author was first told about spyware by his friends at a dinner; since then, he has explored the thought of placing spyware on children’s computers. Coben’s purpose was to persuade parents to place spyware on their children’s, or to at least think about it, to…

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