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  • The Undercover Parent

    the unknown is in their blood. Generations ago, the unknown might have involved the outdoors or the wilderness. Today, the “unknown” that children know of and wonder about is on the internet. Inquisitiveness can be a good thing, but when the curiosity of kids, and especially teens, is paired with the wide array of possibilities on the internet, a potentially dangerous situation may be created. In the article “The Undercover Parent,” Harlan Coben writes about the hazards of the internet world, and what parents can do to protect their kids from them. He says that parents should responsibly monitor their children’s internet usage to be sure that they’re being safe when online. Although there…

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  • How To Undercover Parents Essay

    Base of the respond of Carol Weston using spyware is not a good idea because it should that you don’t trust you child close or far away from home. The trust has been lost because the parents don’t do a good job of seeking their needs. Parents need to be there 24/7 for them to understand that parents really care about them and no one else would care expect their own parents. I agree with Carol Weston and here respond to “The Undercover Parent” written by Harlan Coben. The use of the spyware when…

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  • Harlan Coben The Undercover Parent

    Parents are usually overprotective with their kids, of course, for there own good, but, is it right to spy on them. Harlan Coben a writer from New York Times wrote an article titled “The Undercover Parent” in which he gives his opinion about spyware, for him is something good and necessary to keep your kids safe. I agree with his since the safety of my kids, if I had one, would be the priority for me. One of Coben’s arguments is if we should or should not trust our kids. As he said in…

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  • Analysis Of Shelter By Harlan Coben

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like losing both of your parents, and have the one important thing in your life go missing? Well, this horrible scenario happened to Mickey Bolitar in the book Shelter, by Harlan Coben. In this book Mickey has moved from town to town all his life, but his parents have decided to settle in a small town in New Jersey, to finish out high school. At the activity for new students Mickey meets a girl named Ashley and soon gains lots of feelings for her and…

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  • Spyware In The Undercover Parent By Harlan Coben

    In “The Undercover Parent,” a newspaper article written by Harlan Coben (in March 16, 2008), Coben insists that parents install spyware on their children’s computer, but to use it only to a specific level. He argues that parents should have this software to make sure that their kids are guarded and that they are not contacting with anyone that may cause them any harm. However, he also understands that parents should not use it to find out personal information or to read the gossip that happens…

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  • Analysis Of The Undercover Parent By Harlan Coben

    Harlan Coben’s OpEd piece “The Undercover Parent” is a powerful piece written to convince parents that the benefits of spyware greatly outweigh the invasion of privacy. Throughout his essay, he maintains a friendly, parent-to-parent tone that one can compare to a conversation over coffee. As a college student without children, I found it difficult to understand the importance of monitoring children’s internet activities. However, when I forced myself to take on the perspective of a parent, I…

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  • Mickey Bolitar In The Book Shelter By Harlan Coben

    The book Shelter written by Harlan Coben is about the main character Mickey Bolitar and his friends he meets. Mickey lives with his Uncle Myron because his father died in a car crash, and his mother is in and out of rehab for doing drugs. Mickey starts high school, and meets his best friends Ema and Spoon. Along with his friends, he also meets a beautiful girl named Ashley. Ashley becomes Mickey’s girlfriend, but one day she mysteriously disappears. With the help of his friends, and a new friend…

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  • Privacy In The Undercover Parent By Harlan Coben

    divided upon either side of any privacy argument. However, when it comes to children's privacy, the general populace tends to differ drastically and complicate matters. In Harlan Coben’s essay called “The Undercover Parent”, issues regarding the modern medium of communications and its influence in children are discussed. Issues regarding children’s safety in the internet are conveyed as currently being flawed and in need of a particular enforcement. Coben’s stance is that the use of a greater…

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  • Cyberbullying In The Undercover Parent By Harlan Coben

    Coben cites an example from The Christian Science Monitor in which a group of parents find out that their special need children are being bullied online, “There are numerous cases where parents have discovered terrible things happening to their children because they used spyware. In a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor, a handful of parents of special needs students discovered that their children were being called ‘“bastard,’” ‘“tard,’” damn dumb’” and “‘ a hippo in a ballerina…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Undercover Parent By Harlan Coben

    In the article, “The Undercover Parent,” author Harlan Coben zones in on the currently advancing issue of children and their online safety and growing cyber independence to unknowing parents all around the world. His relatable style helps to hook the audience in conjunction with usage of both logos and pathos style set-ups. He continually brings up different types of scenarios and arguments to get into the heads of his audience. Although throughout the argument generalization is used there are…

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