How To Undercover Parents Essay

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Parents these days could be over protected with their children’s. Parent’s do would anything to keep them safe at all times One of the big problems todays in the use of programs that can show what, where and who does your child does when using the Internet. Teens these days can search for anything without the risk of knowing the consequences. Even though The World Wide Web can be bad for teens, by installing spyware this could cause your child to lose trust.
The use of spyware can be helpful for many parents that want to get closer to their child. Spyware can be use to watch and record anything that a child does on a computer. In or out of the house, but is also a way to look for their devices when stolen or loose. Parents would trust their
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Base of the respond of Carol Weston using spyware is not a good idea because it should that you don’t trust you child close or far away from home. The trust has been lost because the parents don’t do a good job of seeking their needs. Parents need to be there 24/7 for them to understand that parents really care about them and no one else would care expect their own parents. I agree with Carol Weston and here respond to “The Undercover Parent” written by Harlan Coben. The use of the spyware when the child is older does not need it because the child/teen knows the consequences that she or he could get in to. Another reason is that when parents let go there child, parents want to be there at times but parents need to realize that the child need their own space. Theses lead to the invasion of privacy. Even do that parents want to know everything and monitor them at all times is always good to step back and let them deal and solve their problems. It is always good to keep an eye close. If every parent would start using software that monitor the child 24/7 then children would not trust their

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