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  • What Are The Similarities Between The Titanic And The Britannic

    The Titanic was not the only ship in her line, in fact, there were two other ships that were dreamed up as well by Harland and Wolff. The fantasy behind the Olympic-Class line was to not have the fastest sailing ship, but to build a large ship that had amenities that would be luxurious to its passengers. The three sister ships --in order of when they were built-- were the Olympic, the Titanic and the Britannic. Even though the construction of the Olympic started almost a full year before the Titanic, they were both built right next to each other. After the sinking of the Titanic, both the Olympic and the Britannic went through different safety provisions to help prevent future problems. Both the Titanic and the Britannic were retired early…

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  • Titanic Persuasive Essay

    safest ever built at the time; however, the ship’s builders never said it was unsinkable. It was actually Shipbuilders magazine that described the ship as “practically unsinkable”. Though it has been over one-hundred years since the sinking of the Titanic, the story, which includes both heroes and villains, still enthralls us (Hutchings). The idea for the Titanic, a passenger liner that would epitomize luxury and be bigger than any other liner, was born out a collaboration by Bruce Ismay,…

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  • The Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship

    Here's a story about a young lady by the name of Leila Meyer (Leila Saks) who believe it or not, was a survivor of the Titanic. This story is true, and Leila was on the Titanic at the time of the crash. She had experienced it all. Leila Meyer was just as excited as everyone else to board the Titanic. As you may know, that was the Titanic's maiden voyage (First trip or journey) at sea. The Titanic was nicknamed the "Unsinkable Ship", which is sad because of how it had crashed during its first…

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  • Puura Vida Princess Case Report

    This is a viewpoint about the capsizing of Pura Vida Princess, a 100 foot catamaran vessel, which sank near the coast of Punta Leona. The vessel is owned by Global Crust Firm S.A. According to the report of an online news site, The Tico Times, the ship left Herradura Bay on 8th of January and on its way across the Gulf of Nicoya. During the departure, the sea was calm but within 30 minutes after, at about 2040H, the ship had called for a distress call but it rapidly sank due to strong winds and…

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  • Who Is To Blame The Titanic

    “Even God could not sink her,” it was bragged. The Titanic was the fastest and the biggest ship in the world. It was also considered to be the most beautiful and unsinkable. Then on April 14, 1912, occurred the most remarkable ship catastrophe of the historical 100 years. The Titanic, on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, collided with an iceberg and sank with a loss of 1500 people. The Titanic’s captain, Captain Edward J. Smith, played a bewildering role in this catastrophe.…

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  • The Tragic Impact Of The Titanic

    How did the titanic impact the world as we know it? It’s a question that has been asked many times throughout the years since the incident happened. So many different interpretations on the answers given freely by survivors of the ship, there was a movie based on it and a documentary but there are still so many questions that are left with no explanations. One thing we do know for sure, it was the first global disaster for mankind. Victims from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia…

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  • The Breakdown Of The Titanic In The 1900's

    Silence was heard about the sea. Twenty lifeboats floated around in the quiet, moonless night. The Titanic had sunk. This was a tragic turn of events, for the RMS Titanic was the height of advancement and technology in the 1900s. Not only was she the largest ship in the world, but “she was safe. The Titanic, as everyone knew, was practically unsinkable” (Hopkinson 2). White Star Lines assured people that there was no ship safer than her. Such technology certainly could not be defeated by the…

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  • Example Scenario Summary: 'Arctic Tern'

    Example Scenario Synopsis You have been asked to represent the owner of the yacht 'Arctic Tern.' The yacht was on route to Lisbon from Southampton when it was lost during heavy weather in the Bay of Biscay. The yacht had 12 people onboard at the time of the distress. They sent a distress message once the mast had become unusable and they could no longer raise sail. The vessel M/V 'Real Star' answered the distress call. When the owner and crew of the yacht were onboard the Real Star, the owner…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Titanic

    What does one think of when the name Titanic is said? That it was one of perhaps the most tragic events to have ever occurred on the sea? What is certain however is that it is one of the most remembered historical events to have ever occurred on the ocean and it is possible that the words “criminal negligence” come to one’s mind however, people look at it most have no idea of the true reasons the Titanic sank and that is why several people over the years have delved into the mystery of what sank…

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  • The Olympic Story Of Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship

    For more than a decade, Titanic stood as a great mark of love, glory, disaster and sacrifice. It was popularly called as the "Unsinkable ship" with the tagline "Not even God can sink this ship". Unfortunately, this gigantic ship was engulfed by the ocean on her maiden voyage killing 1,517 people. With the movie Titanic, made in 1997, James Cameroon was extolled for his great depiction of the facts. Later investigations contradicted Cameroon in many aspects. What happened to this Unsinkable ship?…

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