Chikatilo Case Study

Serial Killer: Andrei Chikatilo
Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo was brought into this world on October 16, 1936 in Yablochnoye, Ukraine. He is worldly known as the butcher of Rostov or Soviet Union serial killer. He is considered to be one of the most gruesome serial killers in soviet history. (Cahill) Andrei was born with a few birth defects as a newborn such as nearsightedness, as well as, lesions and water to the brain.(Butcher) The era of Andrei being born Ukraine was at war with Germany(WWII). Starvation and death was a major issue for Ukrainians during this time of war.(Butcher) Little did Andrei know his dad would eventually get drafted to serve his country.
Chikatilo was raised in a small hut which consisted of one room. Andrei was a bed wetter thought to be caused by the lesions in his brain. He started the self humiliation at an early because do to the small amount of space in his house he was forced to sleep with his parents, father Roman and mother Anna. He’d wet the bed and wake
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Nine of the murders were between June and August of 1984.
Exactly one week after his fifteenth kill of the year of 1984 on September 13, Chikatilo was watched by an undercover officer luring women in from a bus station. He was then arrested and held. A search of his things was conducted and they found a rope as well as a knife. They believed the knife created that as are incisions that were to be found on the body.. Chikatilo was discovered to be under investigation for a minor theft at a former employer. This allowed officers and detectives a legal right to keep him for a prolonged amount of time.(One)
Although the physical description many gave of Chikatilo with Dmitry all matched up there wasn’t enough sufficient evidence to convict him of al the murders. He was found guilty on others reasons and sentenced to one year in a cell in prison. He got out three months later getting set free on December 12,

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