Unconventional oil

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  • Keystone Pipeline Construction

    to begin construction (NPR). The two main issue points on the topic are the economic gains that could incur from the development of the pipeline and the overall impression on the environment that would ensue from extraction, transportation, and refining of the oil.…

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  • Unconventional Warfare (UW)

    Unconventional Warfare (UW) is a concept that puzzles a lot of people. Due to its large and complex mechanism, UW is not an easy task to define or understand. To comprehend UW principles can take a form of formal and informal education. Lack of knowledge makes people uncomfortable, especially if they supposed to be a subject matter experts on this particular topic. Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) exposed me to UW during Robin Sage training. UW concept and some of its activities were…

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  • Cyberwarfare Report

    populations who assume hostile behavior against troops hindering the operations. In contrast, media can be a major collaborator in urban operations. It means that if a successful military action occurs such as a humanitarian assistance or non-combatant evacuation, the positive statement by media can aid to earn the confidence of local population and facilitate the operations. Definitely, commanders and staff groups should be able to adapt the urban operations to these features in modern warfare.…

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  • National Security Redundancy Essay

    International and domestic law are not perfect instruments to fight against cyberattacks, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agents and weapons, terrorism finance, or terrorism in general, the private sector and civilian population has to be involved. This is because the nature of these unconventional attacks, coupled with the impossibilities of “perfect security” only allows for a balancing of risk that can be achieved through a redundancy approach to managing these threats.…

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  • Max Boot's Invisible Armies: Chapter Summary

    The United States has come a long way since the days of the American Revolution or either of the World Wars. Today war is all about airstrikes, drones, and the use of any other new technology in order to find a way to keep our troops at home and fighting conflicts without having “boots on the ground” as the saying goes. However even with, or perhaps because of, this new technology our country finds itself involved in conflicts that are unconventional to what we have seen in our history. The…

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  • Example Of Asymmetric Warfare Analysis

    Field Manuel 3-24 was put into practice when the US’s commitment to COIN was confirmed in 2007 when US President George W. Bush announced “The New Way Forward”, or the infamous “surge” of troops in Iraq by 30 000 soldiers to protect civilians and occupy new positions in 4GW. Under the objective of providing security for civilians and building democracy and government infrastructure (as studied in Biddle, Friedman and Shapiro), the main goal of COIN was focused on protecting civilian populations…

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  • Two Paradoxes Analysis

    true; and secondly, it is something, such as a situation, that is made up of two opposite things and that seems impossible but is true or possible. Both definitions, although close to each other are much different upon closer look. I argue that the gray zone is more in line with the second definition rather than the first, but the gray zone just like the term of Unconventional Warfare is a complex term, hard to define, and therefore challenging to understand fully. Either way, the two paradoxes…

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  • Alick: A Tragic Hero

    from some idiots that smuggle cigarettes on to the freight and would throw it in the oil. And after the waren would find out who did it by using the hidden cameras and he would send them home. Because if he let them stay they would do it again and maybe the next time the whole freight could blow up. Whatever Alick earned he would send just about all of the money to his family but he needed just enough to eat, so that's why he would keep just a little of it. It’s been about seven months since…

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  • Offshore Drilling Research Paper

    “Oil currently accounts for 37 percent of U.S. energy use — more than any other fuel source — and 94 percent of transportation fuel” (Primary Energy Consumption by Source and Sector, 2010). With more than one third of the nation’s energy being produced by oil, it would be ridiculous to want to limit or reduce the means by which it is extracted right? The issue concerning offshore drilling and its limitations has become an ongoing debate, causing two major sides, with opposing opinions to form.…

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  • Global Climate Change: The Impact Of Fracking

    Once used only rarely to extract from deep, conventional reservoirs of fossil fuels, fracking has evolved to a widely-used intensive process to retrieve natural gas from shallow, unconventional sources, such as shale rock, tight sands, and coal beds where the resource is not easily accessible (Food and Water Watch 2). Historically, the fracking procedure involved pumping a relatively small amount of acid into a clogged hole of a reservoir in order to allow the continued flow of oil or gas.…

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