Iraqi insurgency

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  • Example Of Asymmetric Warfare Analysis

    Manuel 3-24 was put into practice when the US’s commitment to COIN was confirmed in 2007 when US President George W. Bush announced “The New Way Forward”, or the infamous “surge” of troops in Iraq by 30 000 soldiers to protect civilians and occupy new positions in 4GW. Under the objective of providing security for civilians and building democracy and government infrastructure (as studied in Biddle, Friedman and Shapiro), the main goal of COIN was focused on protecting civilian populations and building their trust. In other words, the aim was to “win the hearts and minds” of the Iraqi people through relationship building with local populations alongside providing economic opportunities for insurgent defectors and security for civilians from insurgents. The premise of COIN was based off a central belief of Gen. Patreus in Field Manuel 3-24, which supported the idea that a long-term presence of US troops in Iraqi communities could improve the security situation and allow for trust to develop between the locals and US military. Although some argue otherwise, many perceived the surge in troops to have resulted in a decrease in violence in Iraq. However, others like Biddle et al. argue that the surge was one…

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  • Irregular Warfare: The Iraq War

    Critics and pundits considered the Iraq War a success. However, in the beginning of the war from 2003 to 2006, military leaders were criticized for not achieving any gains against enemies in Iraq. Iraq proved to be just as challenging as Vietnam, where our enemies resorted to irregular warfare. Irregular warfare is defined as a violent struggle among state and non-state actors for legitimacy and influence over a specific population. Irregular threats include actors who employ methods such as…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Syrian War

    Going back to the Iraq War, After Hussein was captured; the citizen in Iraq ironically did not gain any resources and freedom. In a Huffington Post article by Daniel Raphael, 8 percent of Iraqi children are malnourished, and 70 percent lack clean drinking water. This ironically was worse than 2003 when the Iraq War begin. The Causalities after Hussein was capture also staggering. After 2003, when the Iraq war start to kick in gear, they were estimated over 151,000 to 1 million…

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  • Al-Barharam Case Study

    activity. In the event that the Imam cannot be influenced, assassinating the Imam under a false-flag would ignite the anger of devout Muslims and perhaps bring a wave of popular support for Boko Haram. Coercing a member of the military to carry out the operation or dispatching a loyal follower to carry out the operation with an IED while posing as a government official or Christian could be sufficient to raise feelings of animosity in the North that could facilitate an overthrow of the…

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  • AOI Strategy Case Study

    The AOI strategy was based on six essential elements that derived from a proposal meeting with senior Iraqi officials; let the Iraqis lead, help Iraqis protect the population, isolate extremists, create space for political progress, diversify political and economic efforts, and situate the strategy in a regional approach (Mansoor 2013). The rapid deployment of five additional Brigades, in support of surge operations, spanned over a five-month period, from January to May of 2007. The…

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  • Analysis Of Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine

    After Saddam Hussein 's regime was toppled, the denationalization of the oil companies began. This was in opposition to economic development because many Iraqis depended on these jobs that were not being outsourced to companies for a fraction of the cost. An example of this is the story she tells of the man named Mahmud where a fight broke out in the factory he worked in over privatization. Once, the privatization was completed the contractors failed consistently to provide the services they…

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  • The State Centric Approach

    changed to dual processes of providing basic services for Afghans and building government institutions as the scale of human security crisis as a result of this conflict became apparent. This approach greatly reflects the “state centric” approach – only seeking humanitarian goals once the security of the state is enhanced. The extent of the “state-centric” perspective can be seen in a statement by the then secretary of state, describing humanitarian NGOs as “force multipliers” and “members of…

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  • The Kurdish-Turkish Identity

    organization structure to Syria and was heaving involved in the various rural based insurgencies between year 1984 to year 1992. To date, the Kurds have been involved in a long term conflict with the Turkish government (Stempel, 2014). The fundamental reasons and issues of the conflict have a huge impact on geography. The conflict grew since the Kurds s entitlement to territory. Cultural geography, economic geography, and political geography are all elements that can best explain the reasons…

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  • Case Study Of Competitive Control By An Insurgent Group

    According to Bacik and Coskun (2011), although PKK have not achieved to secure an independent Kurdistan, it has achieved multiple successes. Over the three decades, it has emerged as the most prospective actor which is logistically powerful and symbolically potent representative of Kurds people in Turkey. The PKK in Iraq is a small unit which stays outside the Iraqi politics and controls its own territory (Bloomberg View 2014). It is reported that the PKK is playing role in combatting the…

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  • Combat Outpost In Afghanistan Essay

    Afghanistan Paper WHAT I KNOW? Americans have been fighting in Afghanistan for a while. I Believe that the reason we went over there was because of 9/11. I may be absolutely wrong on that though. From what I have heard previously on the news, thousands of Afghanistan citizens were killed in this war. My research is all about the Combat Outpost. I know absolutely nothing about it. I have no idea what it is, or who it is, when it happened or how it occurred. WHAT I WANT TO KNOW? Since I know…

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