International humanitarian law

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  • International Humanitarian Law

    dodge the issue in the international criminal law and for a genuine international criminal law to emerge which goes beyond the sovereignty of individual states. The basic meaning of International Humanitarian Law is derived from the idea of rules that seek to limit the effect of armed conflict, for humanitarian reasons. It seeks to protect people who are not participants in the hostilities and also restricts the means and methods of warfare. International humanitarian law is also known as ‘The law of war or the law of armed conflict’. It is the law which regulates the conduct of armed conflicts. IHL is inspired by considerations of humanity and the mitigation of human suffering. It comprises a set…

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  • International Humanitarian Law Essay

    In order to understand the relationship between international humanitarian law and international human rights law, the foundation, development and overall intention of these separate sets of laws must be explored. International Humanitarian Law or IHL, is a set of international rules that has been established by treaties or customs for the intention of solving the humanitarian problems that arise directly from international or non-international armed conflicts. This universal body of law began…

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  • Pros Of Drones Research Paper

    knowing the consequences that goes along with it. These drones have been used without congress approval. Also, after the World Trade Center was attacked, President Bush signed a Memorandum of Notification creating a secret list of “High Value Targets” that the CIA was authorized to kill anywhere in the world without further presidential approval. Apparently, the CIA needs to be wiser when they have to go against terrorists, extremists or militants. The United States has to find another way to…

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  • Arguments Against Drone Warfare

    warfare and the international irresponsibility and unethical nature of drone strikes. Drone warfare saves the lives of soldiers by placing them out of harms way; this is one of the arguments for…

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  • Syrian Civil War: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    Brief Background The Syrian civil war has been named the worst humanitarian crisis of our day. An estimated 13.4 million people are in desperate need of humanitarian aid (UNHCR). 4.7 million of whom have fled to bordering countries, while 8.7 million remain within the county’s borders – internally displaced (UNHCR). The conflict in Syria started in 2011 just as the Arab Uprisings began toppling authoritarian regimes in the Middle East. In March of 2011 Syria joined the uprisings by conducting…

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  • Theoretical Underpinnings Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    policy that should be undertaken is an increase in the Syrian admission quota and humanitarian aid. Refugee Crisis Context According to the BBC, in early 2011, unrest arose in Syria due to the fatally violent action taken to stop pro-democracy demonstrators which led…

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  • National Security Redundancy Essay

    International and domestic law are not perfect instruments to fight against cyberattacks, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agents and weapons, terrorism finance, or terrorism in general, the private sector and civilian population has to be involved. This is because the nature of these unconventional attacks, coupled with the impossibilities of “perfect security” only allows for a balancing of risk that can be achieved through a redundancy approach to managing these threats.…

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  • Self-Determination Of People

    What is the relationship between the self-determination of peoples and the sovereignty of states in contemporary international politics? 1 This report elucidates the link between sovereignty of states & self-determination of peoples therefore the focal point of this essay is to elaborate on the underlying concept of sovereignty as it incorporates the protection and the practice of various human rights as stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The main goal of this…

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  • Emergency Education

    Only a few years ago, the idea of preserving education as a central part of all humanitarian efforts was but an afterthought in the minds of aid workers. Nicolai and Triplehorn (2003) state that it was the 1990 's when this crucial truth that education is the right of every child finally germinated and became the soul of humanitarian aid. This demonstrates the high degree of significance and worth that humanitarian aid organizations now place on continuing education in war-ravaged societies…

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  • Food Insecurity In Congo Essay

    the nearby region, there are 2.7 million internally displaced people (IDPs) and 120,000 refugees in the country. The Food Security Cluster is led by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and WFP to support service delivery and facilitate strategic decision-making of the Humanitarian Coordination Team for humanitarian response, it can ensure efficient and coordinated delivery of humanitarian assistance in DRC. 3. Feeding in school projects support the early recovery of…

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