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  • The Pros And Cons Of Liberalism And The Dominance Of The International Political Economy

    Topic: Liberalism has become the dominant approach to international political economy since the end of the Cold War. Discuss the evidence that proves this dominance and also discuss the positives and the negatives of the liberalist orientation of the global economy. The discussion below is going to elaborate on the dominance of the Liberal in the international political economy (IPE) by expanding on the liberal approach, IPE and its elements, Liberal IPE perspective, the Cold War, positives and criticisms of the Liberal approach Liberalism Liberalism began around World War II; it is a creation of the collapse of feudalism and evolution of a market place. (Heywood 2007). Liberals are optimistic about human nature because human beings are…

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  • The Historical Processes Of Competing Interests In International Relations Case Study

    Figure 4: The Historical Processes of Competing Interests in International Relations Source: Social Forces, States and World Orders (Cox, 1981: 138). Figure four indicates that social forces, forms of state and world orders are interdependent in the completing interests in international relations. Social forces form the base of the ABSM, and the ideologies are essential to the deliberation process in democratic practises. The form of state represents the political institutions and material…

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  • Apd 202 Final Exam Questions

    Fall 2016 IPED 202 Final Exam Questions Which of the three findings in the article do you find most troubling about our economy and society? Please list and explain each briefly. (20 points) Unemployment rate increased highly so that people had hard time to find jobs. In the article, the annual survey depicts, "Unemployment skyrocketed to 10 percent and the jobless rate is still a stubbornly high 9.6 percent." Therefore, people hard to earn money if people do not have jobs. As the unemployment…

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  • Neoliberalism: A Political Economic Theory

    Neoliberalism is a political economic theory, which can be referenced by discerned modalities and perspectives of understanding and subsequent application. Harvey (2005) asserts that neoliberalism is a class-based mechanism that places power in the hands of the ‘’economic elite’’. This is consistently supported by scholarly articles on neoliberalism, that elucidate findings that, the rich are the beneficiaries whilst the poor suffer the consequence of limited agency (Ganti 2014, Ferguson…

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  • No Speed Limit By Steven Shaviro: An Analysis

    want to get beyond the political, social and economic systems, first they need to overcome the complications from the capitalism and then reach to the goal of being new capitalist in the future. Accelerationism has to build up the new technologies for better future to reach to the extreme point where the capitalism explodes and falls apart. Anyone in the world can be an accelerationist because the accelerationism is considering as a political strategy that has to deal with the fact whether one…

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  • Christian Socialism: The Contributions Of Karl Marx

    a long line of Rabbi in Germany, Marx had every idea what it was to be on the outside looking in. However, Marx had the opportunity to do something that most do not, trade in his stigma, his Jewish heritage, in order to maintain and grow his legal practice. Relinquishing his stigma did not however remove the awareness that Marx had in regard to the construct of society and classes. This awareness spurned a series of political, social, and, perceived, radical ideals and theories that made him an…

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  • Social Purpose Of Business Essay

    literature on economy and management sciences as well as some critical theory perspectives lack of a comprehensive grasp of this phenomenon. On the one hand, the managerial sciences have focused on a business and stakeholder-centered perspective (Porter and Kramer 2006, 2011) that tends to misrepresent the social and political implications of such a social purpose of business. On the other hand, some critical perspectives (Jones, 1996) articulate the analyses upon commodification dynamics and…

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  • Contributions Of Adam Smith: Founder Of Classical Economics

    Adam Smith 1. Known as founder of Classical economics, regarded as starting point of classical economics. 2. Described as Father of Political economics 3. He most noted for his work ‘An Enquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of the Nations’ (1776). 4. He is first economist to deal economic problem in systemic manner , hence heis also known as first academic economist. 5. Smith gives the idea “labour is the source of wealth of the nations”, 6. Adam Smith propounded the labour theory of…

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  • Civilization And Its Discontents Analysis

    earliest writings on political thought, political society’s effects on an individual 's life has been discussed. Political theorists differ in their ideas of individuals positions in society; theorist Hobbes believes that the rights of individuals are subservient to the rights of a monarch, as a opposed to the more democratic writings of Locke which focus on individual rights. Regardless, the idea of why societies have been formed has been discussed frequently. In later writings, a new trend is…

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  • Karl Marx And Neoliberalism

    The end of WWII and the subsequent emergence of a consumer society with accompanied rise of the culture industry can be considered as the early shift from liberalism to neoliberalism. Its key principles including individual entrepreneurial freedoms and citizenship rights narrowly defined through consumerism. Essentially, by allowing more personal and economic freedoms the citizen would then contribute to the greater economy and society as a whole. The rise of neoliberal politics in the 1970s and…

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