No Speed Limit By Steven Shaviro: An Analysis

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Everyone has had settle down his or her own goals in their lives. In the book No Speed Limit by Steven Shaviro addresses how the accelerationism will collapse the capitalism and how it is helpful in the society. In the past, people are living without scientific technologies; their world is really silence and peaceful. They do not have any great invention to improve their lives. Also, they are living under control of capitalist. The capitalism has separated the civilians into three different classes such as upper class, middle class and lower class. People who work for the upper class will get the benefits from the capitalism and have better lives. The capitalism is trying to steal stuff from the civilians. Today, the world has improved with …show more content…
The earth is under global warming condition, it is almost going to end. Dr. Brand is a science professor who has been working on the project on figuring out the formula to save the earth. Dr. Brand encourages Cooper to go find the way out to save the earth by telling him that “we have plan B as a backup plan” (Nolan & Thomas, 2014). He has settle down two plans to save the earth. Plan A is to move all the people on the earth to another planet. Plan B is to let the Endurance to carry 5000 frozen embryos. Dr. Brand actually did solve the equation for plan A long time ago and he knows that equation does not work, so plan A is impossible to occur. However, he never announces to people about it because he thinks it is useless and it will only give them a depression feeling. Instead, he chooses to lie to everyone to motivate people to do their best and makes them feel like they still have hopes to survive. This is where we can see Dr. Brand is an accelerationist and the idea of Shaviro about accelerationism is applied. At the same time, they build up the new technologies that would allow plan B to go forward to be success. Plan B is more about accelerationist than plan B because it has more chances to be completed than plan A. Moreover, Dr. Mann is also an accelrationist in the movie because he also lies about plan A. He knows that Dr. Brand already solved the equation and figured out that equation is not working and plan A is impossible. He desperately says that “people on the Earth are going to die” (Nolan & Thomas, 2014). He also tries to solve the equation for many years and he still cannot figure out the solution. Importantly, Dr. Mann also gives the wrong data to everyone to make them cannot go back to the earth. When Dr. Mann turns out to be a kind of villain; however, Cooper and Dr. Brand Jr. turn out to be a kind of heroes. This shows the relationship between capitalist and

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