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  • Role Of Security In International Relations

    International relations contains many elements and one of the major components is world politics and security. It has been viewed that security Is a ‘contested concept’ as it implies the absence of threat, the meaning of security has been broadened to include areas of politics, economy, society and environment but an aspect of concern is whether security is limited to and only individual, national and or international. In this essay it will discuss how national security has been the essence of many nations for decades as a survival tool but since the outbreak of World War one there has been a necessity for a collective international security and this change is a potent moment in the issue of world politics. Also this essay investigates one of the main issues concerning world politics being the rise of specific extreme terrorist organisation, Islamic State and what…

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  • Security Issues In International Relations

    The official academic field of international relations is a recent field of study, beginning after the end of World War II, in the political sciences. While the academic field is fairly new establishment in the political sciences, the issues at the core of the discipline have been discussed for hundreds of years. One of the issues that is central to the division of international relations is the idea of security. The topic of security contains many different aspects all of which can be addressed…

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  • Personal Narrative: Coming Into International Security Threats

    Coming into International Security Threats? I did not know what to expect. Originally I decided to take the class because I figured it would be beneficial to me. Since I am going into the military I wanted to gain knowledge about the threats our nation is facing. Thinking this class would help me make a more rounded officer I hastily clicked to register for the class. My first day of the class threw me for a loop. Instead of talking about how to solve the issue of international security…

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  • International Security Threats In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four

    Impact and treatment of security threats in Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” International Security INTL800 Maxence Michaud-Daniel George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” dystopia not only served as a critic of totalitarian regimes but also as a “How to ensure security to sovereignty for dummies”. Indeed, Orwell’s masterpiece evokes all characteristics of totalitarian regime pushed to its extreme in order to fully control its people and assure total security in order to preserve…

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  • The State Centric Approach

    In the international system, states seek security. Traditionally, this security was that of the state and the absence of threats to its existence. In the last twenty years, there has been a broadening of this concept with the introduction of “human security”, described as a “freedom from fear and want”. In the advent of increasing intrastate conflicts, the international community has faced a compulsion to aid the enhancement of human security when the state itself is unable to do so. This…

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  • Liberalism In The 20th Century

    Throughout the first half of the twentieth century the world took on a liberal approach in regards to national security, during this time nations were provided with global institutions aiming to eradicate global conflict and promote world peace; unfortunately most of these institutions were faced with nations following their own interests and placing their own motivations ahead of the collective agreement. Subsequently international security should set about towards realism, as it embraces…

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  • ISAF Mission

    United States by El-Qaeda, the UN Security Council pass out a resolution 1386 in 2001 giving the authorization to establish the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) which was deployed first to Kabul to train the Afghan National Security Forces and assist Afghanistan in rebuilding their government. Then two years later ISAF mission was expanded by the UN Security Council all over Afghanistan to Capture Osama bin Laden, Destroy Al-Qaeda network, and Remove Taliban Regime. ISAF achieved…

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  • Taban Attack

    them there were some insurgent waiting to enter the branch too. On the other hand, the Taliban insurgents were outfitted in the uniform of Afghan Soldiers in order to keep their identity hidden from the security forces and security close Circuit camera in the branch. No one knew…

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  • The Role Of Globalization In Italy

    the world and it has close ties with the United States. They have a favorable security industry. Although, today they world is changing vastly and globalization is ever present throughout the world. With recessions, financial crisis, MNCs is targeting locations to expand their businesses, promoting growth and finding cost and labor efficient countries. Their goal is to enter emerging or underdeveloped labor markets that will benefit and help them to achieve prosperity from growth in…

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  • The Role Of India's External Security In India

    EXTERNAL SECURITY 1052 India’s external security is informed by its political position on the world stage. Since 2014, Prime Minister Modi’s progressive attitude has brought Indian foreign policy on significantly. This is demonstrated through the surprise invitation of all South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation leaders to his swearing-in ceremony . India is now showing global self-confidence, through strengthened defence ties with the US and Europe, and has for the first time in a…

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