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  • Hitchcock International Style Essay

    Question 4 The term “international style” was first used by Philip Johnson and Henry-Russell Hitchcock, at the “Modern Architecture: International Exhibition” in 1932 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The term was used to define an emerging style of architecture which emerged in the 1920s, and was characterised by radically simplified geometry and free from all constraints of tradition, Tietz (1999). After the First World War, there was an urgent need to address the problem of homelessness. There was also an increasing drive to create a more relevant architecture that was fueled by social purpose, as opposed to the overly ornamented, irrational, and out dated architecture that reigned throughout the 19th century, Ching (2007). The works of Le Corbusier, Peit Mondrian, De Stijl movement in the Netherlands, and the Bauhaus in German, contructivists in the Soviet union, pioneered the creation of an authentic, simple style of architecture that empasised; interpenetrating volumes, standardised elements, and renunciation of ornamentation Kostof (1999). The result was a new style of architecture identified by its; ribbon windows, simple ¬¬colors and geometry, screen walls, flat roofs, and nonstructural partition walls Tietz (1999). Some of the first buildings to mark the age of the…

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  • Less Is More: The Expression Of Architecture

    Deconstructivism, on other hand, crunch these concepts of language and affects it in a bigger range. Being aware about the cultural and historic environment where their buildings are constructed, the Post-modern architects search some traditional “vocabularies” that can contextualize and preserve the identity of a specific edifice. Applying some hue of a regional aspect, the edifice can be understand easier by whom will use it. Therefore, contradicting the Modernism, that have a supposed…

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  • Case Study: The Telecom Building, Wellington

    Wellington I have chosen the (Old) Telecom Building in Wellington as my study of Wellington buildings. The reason why I have made this selection is because of my curiosity. The way this building appeals to me and attracts me in is its strange green façade exterior, hooked my eyes every time I walk pass Manners Street. The Telecom Building is located at 13 – 27 Manners Street, Te Aro, Wellington. After a quick online search, it was very easy to find out that the building was designed by…

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  • Romantic Themes In Frankenstein By Mary Shelley

    This era had an international movement that shaped various types of art, not just writing. Often times romantics were drawn to the concepts of nature, the supernatural, or mysterious (Furst). Shelley shows this writing style by incorporating into the novel letters and journals. Frankenstein begins with four letters that set the scene for the rest of the piece. Walton, the writer of these letters, initially is the first to express his ambition for knowledge through his letters to his sister. In…

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  • Analysis Of Salvador Late Or Early By Sandra Cisneros

    Sandra Cisneros, an author who is deeply inspired by her Mexican American heritage. This inspiration is clearly shown throughout each and every one of her writing pieces, such as “Salvador Late or Early”, as well as “Eleven”. Both short-stories focus on adolescents with a mature mindset and adult precision, and each story does a marvelous job portraying Cisneros constant writing style. “Salvador Late or Early” is focusing on a young boy, Salvador, with heavy burdens to carry on his shoulders,…

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  • The Importance Of Setting In The Sound Of Waves

    If a story was told without a specific setting, would it be as meaningful? Setting is a powerful tool that provides substance to a work of literature. It is as as interesting as the actual plot of the story and readers must closely examine setting to see what kind of impact it leaves the story with. Mishima uses setting in the novel The Sound of Waves to highlight the theme that love empowers people to overcome hardships and challenges through the use of tone, characterization, and diction.…

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  • Dramatic Monologue In The Bloody Chamber, By Angela Carter

    Angela Carter wrote ‘The Bloody Chamber’ in 1979 it was set in the early 20th century in France, Carter showed the difference between the past and present. In the past women were oppressed and did not have any freedom, but in the present women are being treated more equally. I chose this source as it was a dark twisted story describing the role of a woman in a household and how they were actually treated behind doors. Using the short story source I changed the genre to a dramatic monologue. The…

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  • Unreliable Narrator In The Tell Tale Heart

    According to Poe, a story achieves its unity by enforcing a single emotional effect on the reader. In the Tell Tale Heart, Poe achieves the single effect of terror on the reader by his use of all the story’s components. In the short story, an unknown narrator with credence that he is not suffering from insanity, in view of the fact of how carefully he plans a murder, deteriorates from the thought of the “vulture” eye of an innocent old man. The narrator’s pathological time stretch of observing…

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  • Prejudice In A Modest Proposal

    Social constraints and prejudice placed on people by society had and still have substantial effects. This allows ignorant people to develop preconceived notions and judgments of individuals based on what society have deemed them to be. The struggle for equality can push people to break away from barriers; however, many tend to stick within the framework that society has constructed for them due to the constraints that they place on themselves. Both Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” and…

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  • Style, Techniques And Structure In Duong Thu Huong's Paradise Of The Blind

    Style, Technique, and Structure in Paradise of the Blind Often in novels the author 's use of style, technique, and structure create a greater meaning in the novel. In Paradise of the Blind by Duong Thu Huong, uses these things in tandem to emphasize Hang’s journey to find her own individual purpose. Flashbacks to family situations and traditional events, the contrast in setting between Russia and Hanoi, and the use of a circular writing, symbols, and setting, Huong establishes the theme that…

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