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  • Analysis Of Talking It Out: Online Discussion Forums In The Social Studies Classroom

    the technology being used and the way the teacher implemented and applied online discussion through a blogging format to meet the World History standards. This type of online discussion has intrigued me since the entire Social Studies team has implemented it in our school. In the article, Talking It Out: Online Discussion Forums in the Social Studies Classroom, Whitney G. Blankenship…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Training Programme

    self-contained and Stage 1 and Stage 2 of a module received minimum supervision from the author who is the trainer. Only at Stage 3, lecturers discuss face-to-face real-world cases with the trainer. In LeP, the pace to progress from one module to another is usually slowed at Stage 2 (forum) and Stage 3 (face-to-face). This is because in these two stages there is a need to have a minimum of five lecturers to sustain effective interactions.…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Key To Successful Group Projects

    I believe I am more of a follower than a doer in this case. Also, I would really enjoy working for a company that is doing projects using the cloud. The cloud is the future of the way we doing anything on the internet. If you think about more people have cell phones than computers. I do think the capstone course did lack a few things. I really enjoy taking the online test and this course had none of that. The online test helps me in knowing what’s right from wrong. Having the tests make you…

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  • Social Studies Class Analysis

    As a high school senior, this is the first Economics class I’ve ever taken. I didn’t know what to expect at all. Talking to most of my classmates didn’t exactly help either. I’ve heard a lot of different opinion about the class, but I knew I had to experience it myself before making a judgment. Some people have told me it was a fun and interesting class while others have told me it’s the most boring class they’ve ever taken. I thought I would be able to compare this class to one of the Social…

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  • Using Online Media To Deliver Health Information Essay

    of using online media to deliver health information. In the following section, my own experiences of using the social media network to communicate and deliver health messages to other people will be discussed. Thereafter, the maintaining of professional communication in an online forum will be addressed in detail. The final part of the assignment will discuss the potential issues that may arise while using online media. Social media is an online digital communication channel for engaging…

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  • Trajan Liberty Leading The People Analysis

    The periods in which these were made differ by more than one thousand years. Trajan's forum was completed in Rome around 113 AD, and Delacroix painted Liberty Leading the people in Paris around 1830. During these time periods, the Romans were celebrating a victory in the Dacian Wars that was fought with their power. On the other hand, the french were amidst revolution against their power, King Charles X. King Charles X was a ruler who oppressed his people by publications restrictive ordinances…

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  • Roman Fever By Edith Wharton

    All throughout the story, the setting further strengthens the characters, and thus, the idea that love and jealousy are contrary. For example, the story opens by describing the scenic view in front of the women as being “the outspread glories of the Palatine and the Forum” (1). Upon closer inspection, these ruins represent both Slade and Ansley respectively. Wikipedia describes the Palatine Hill as “the centermost of the Seven Hills of Rome...It stands...above Roman Forum, looking down upon it…

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  • Essay On Roman Empire

    The Romans set many standards for people that have lasted through time. The Roman Empire lasted over 500 years and has left the world with the many developments. These developments include roads, calendar, flushing toilets, sewers, architecture, and the love for watching people compete. The romans many monuments to showcase the power of Rome and give the people entertainment. Many of these monuments can still be found today. The Romans created many things that the world can wonder at. The Romans…

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  • Forum Reflection Essay

    Forum Reflection When posting to an online public forum, there is a responsibility that the users can either take or disregard completely. On the gun control forum that my group decided to use, there was a mixture of both responsible, well-mannered users, and disrespectful internet “trolls”. When I first went in to post my opinions on gun control, I thoroughly expected to get more of the later user responding. What was interesting, though, was that I was pleasantly surprised. Of all of my three…

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  • Social Media And Teenagers Essay

    The internet, and more specifically, social media, are a part of everyday life. As teenagers grow up and experience the World Wide Web, it affects how they act in social situations and how they form their opinions. Social behavior deals with the activity brought about by a stimulus that is of or relating to other people (Hartup). The internet has affected social behavior of teenagers since it was available to them, and it will continue to change their social behaviors in the future as well.…

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