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  • Cryptocurrency Analysis

    Background Introduction Cryptocurrencies are a digital form of exchange that use encryption to secure the processes involved in conducting transactions. They are a subset of digital currencies having no physical representation. Unlike other forms of currency that are backed by a central bank, cryptocurrencies operate as a a completely decentralized system meaning there is no governing body verifying transactions. Cryptocurrencies consist of more than just Bitcoin. It 's structure is followed by hundreds of alternate "coins" that each offer unique features. Litecoin for instance was designed for faster transactions while Namecoin introduces a few new types of transactions to the Bitcoin formula used for handling domain registration. How to…

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  • I Had A Nice Time With You Tonight By Jenna Wortham Analysis

    Nowadays, when somebody mentions social media, most of us will appreciate it with our gorgeous words. We all love it because these social apps’ interactions can make us feel physically close with others, even if they happen over a screen, and that also is the point for Jenna Wortham, the author of the essay ‘‘I Had a Nice Time with You Tonight. On the app’’. As social apps’ appearance, it helps us solve several problems about long-distance communication, and we don’t need to be afraid the…

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  • Descriptive Essay On My Bird Blue

    That day I decided to give it another shot of getting Blue out of his cage, so I did used a leather glove and took Blue out of his cage; although he still bite me but with the thickness of the glove I did not felt much pain. When I grabbed him inside his cage I was talking to him at the same time so he can learn my voice. I could feel Blue trembling in my hands and its blood beating through those feathers, its whole little body pulsing like a single heart. I did managed to keep it on my hand…

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  • Summary Of Growing Up Ivy By Peggy Dymond Leavey

    Growing up Ivy is a novel written by Peggy Dymond Leavey and is just as the title states. The novel is written from a third-person point of view, limited to Ivy Chalmers, the protagonist of the story. Part one of the novel has been primarily about the life of Ivy. Ivy Chalmers is a bright twelve-year old girl who is going through a tough point of her life, she is sent by Frannie, her mother, to stay with her caring grandmother, in Larkin, Ontario, while Frannie leaves Toronto, to go to seek an…

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  • Does Social Media Affect Student Writing?

    with the author, it has been noticed that those teens are having a hard time while switching from a colloquial context to Standard English. I personally understand that this can happen; being that young, students are likely to adapt themselves with the ambiance they are. Nevertheless, I also believe that parents, the ones responsible for their children, could be administrating these students’ time on the social media and hence requiring of them a little more maturity on what they post.…

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  • How Does Technology Affect Human Relationships

    In hindsight, it does appear a bit cowardly, but that is the point exactly. It is ok to indulge in these enjoyments; however, it is more difficult to monitor the amount of time that you should spend on these types of things. Once someone invest a certain amount of time into something they genuinely enjoy, they begin to “weigh” that activity in comparison with other things they may consider doing instead of that activity. Naturally, if it is easier to make friends online you will choose to make…

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  • Racism And Stereotypes In Para Teresa By Ines Hernandez-Avila

    each other besides the ending when the author calls the bully her sister. The poem is well plotted, and has a good introduction into getting onto the real topic of racism and stereotypes. “That day... which-had-to-be-named Elementary” (207). Let’s you know that there is an already influential white influence on the school. That the influence bothers, and influences work ethic on the minorities, makes them rebel, and feel unfairly treated because of their skin color. I think that since…

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  • Flipped Themes

    came from climbing that tree. Maybe it came from singing to chickens. Maybe it came from whacking at two-by-fours and dreaming about perpetual motion. I don't know. All I know is that compared to her, Shelly and Miranda seemed so… ordinary.” (Page 185) The one word I would use to describe this passage is lyrical. Throughout the whole story both characters express deep emotions towards each other or outside forces. The author herself, send the reader a very warm, feeling in this passage. She…

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  • African-American Observation

    She would bully us a lot and every time we would answer them, they would look at each other and laugh. They got to the point where they started a fight with my sister and I. We were sent to the Dean’s office. However, we explained what happened, they understood our pain and the girls got suspended for a week. For about half of sixth grade life, I would have a new story. My sister and I were alone the whole time, no friends or anything.It was just us two in a long table with no friends. I went…

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  • Celia Garth By Gwen Bristow: Character Analysis

    of herself, but this false appearance of her demeanor is not unintentional. Vivian essentially puts on a figurative mask to conceal her true identity. Vivian’s mask is a fearful one, that was designed to scare people away from her. Inside she is truly a kind, generous, and thoughtful person, but behind her mask she is an unapproachable she-beast. When Jimmy Informs Celia that she will be working for a sixty five year old woman she tells him, “‘Oh that doesn’t matter. I like nice old…

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