I Had A Nice Time With You Tonight Essay

834 Words Sep 29th, 2016 4 Pages
Nowadays, when somebody mentions social media, most of us will appreciate it with our gorgeous words. We all love it because these social apps’ interactions can make us feel physically close with others, even if they happen over a screen, and that also is the point for Jenna Wortham, the author of the essay ‘‘I Had a Nice Time with You Tonight. On the app’’. As social apps’ appearance, it helps us solve several problems about long-distance communication, and we don’t need to be afraid the relationship with others that influenced because of long distance. With the newest technology, distance is now a thing in the past thanks to the modern days’ devices and apps that allows us to stay in touch with important people in our lives.
In the essay ‘‘I Had a Nice Time with You Tonight. On the App’’, Jenna Wortham states her point that these interactions from smartphones’ apps make us feel physically close even though they happen over a screen. She uses her personal experience about relationship with her boyfriend to state the point that social apps help them connect closer and closer. Even though Jenna lives more than 3,000 miles apart from her boyfriend, she still can spend her time in using social apps to communicate with him. Their relationship doesn’t change because of such a long distance and they both enjoy in these interactions. As a matter of fact, by using social media, they are not far away physically from each other. These apps don’t replace the face-to-face interactions,…

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