African-American Observation

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I stood in my house as I observed my dad saying “we got accepted”. With laughter and tears in his eyes, he ran to the phone and called his bestfriend telling him about the happy news. With confusion and wondering what is going on, my dad gathered us and said “ we are going to migrate to the United States Of America during the summer.” I was lost, shocked and had many mixed feelings. It felt like I was going to migrate to the new world. Everything seemed to be unclear. Then my dad said that “I want my daughters to have a better education and better life.” As, I was explaining to my dad that we do have a good life and my sisters and I were straight A students. However, he told us that the job opporunites are very low and going to the USA is like winning a lottery.It was like a chance that every young adults would love to have. When I informed my friends about the fact that I will be going to another world, they didn’t believe me until the very last day in the airport, where I was kissing and hugging my family and friends and …show more content…
She would bully us a lot and every time we would answer them, they would look at each other and laugh. They got to the point where they started a fight with my sister and I. We were sent to the Dean’s office. However, we explained what happened, they understood our pain and the girls got suspended for a week. For about half of sixth grade life, I would have a new story. My sister and I were alone the whole time, no friends or anything.It was just us two in a long table with no friends. I went through the same struggles as Frederick Douglass expect that we had different stories. Douglass regreted the fact that he learned to read in English, becasue he ended up by reading a book that made related to him a lot and therefore got depressed. But, I was harmed by migrating to the US and as well as learning the

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