Personal Narrative: Moving To America

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I can still remember that day. If someone asked me, I thought the world was coming to a blazing end. Well, at least my world. It was a very warm and humid spring afternoon. It was unusually warm, especially for this time of the year in Poland, as Poland does not experience humidity, especially not in the spring. Instead, this was the typical type of weather found in the east coast of the United States: hot, humid, and almost unbearable. It was quite a coincidence actually; since this was the type of weather I would soon have to be used to. After all, my parents decided to immigrate to the United States.
It was a year before when my parents first announced that we would be moving to America. At first I did not believe them. My initial thoughts were, “What kind of a joke is this?” But I soon realized that this was not a joke, and in fact, they were serious about moving to a completely new continent. Then, more serious questions came popping into my mind: “Why would we move? What about my friends? Who will acquire the house that I was so fond of?”My mind was jumbled and I was in utter shock. I was definitely not ready to leave everything behind and move somewhere I did not possess any knowledge about. My parents refused to answer my
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It made me much braver and helped me to realize that everything is possible with determination and hard work. Also, I experienced a different culture and customs, which allowed me to see things from a different perspective. Overcoming this barrier prepared me for other difficult times that may still lie ahead of me as I continue my journey through life. I have reached a point in my life where I am able to recognize opportunities that work best in my favor. Every day I push myself in order to create the most successful future that I could possibly achieve. All this is possible because of the one decision that my parents have made eleven years

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