Modern architecture

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  • Modern Architecture In America

    becoming ill-fitted to their tasks and outdated in the new economic, social, and political environment of an emerging fully industrialized world. Modernists often use ideas and methods which are very different from those used in the past. The following essay includes a total of 6 readings which can be summarized into 3 categories: Modernism in European countries, Modernism in Soviet Russia and China, and, Art Deco. Apart from the summary of the readings, the essay also covered the similarities of modern architecture in America influencing the modernism trend around the globe and different purposes of modernism presented in the readings.…

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  • Modern Architecture In Los Angeles

    Modern Architecture in Los Angeles In Los Angeles, the captivating buildings of different sizes and structures are an important element to the city’s identity. Common bystanders might only see buildings as structures that are useful as work, commercial, and living places. Even though architecture is an essential component to provide the best use of space, there is more than meets the eye. The architecture of buildings exposes to us a time, a style, and a story that speak an abundant amount of…

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  • Traditional Architecture Vs Modern Architecture Analysis

    TRADITIONAL ARCHITECTURE VS MODERN ARCHITECTURE We are used to hear the word architecture is always accompanied by the word of art. As all the books of historical and private architecture references said the art triangle is: architecture, sculpture and painting. Architecture was on the top of the list, or the leader of Fine Arts so that's why it named by Romanian as a mother of the art. Architecture is not just a kind of the art because it grew up and formed as a scientific basis of social to…

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  • Lawrence Halprin: Modern Landscape Architecture

    Lawrence Halprin Lawrence Halprin was an influential landscape architect. His projects have many values to become benchmarks in the development of modern landscape architecture. For example, the most his favorite design is the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington D.C which set a new standard for the public’s involvement. The plazas and grand fountains in Portland, Oregon are a joyful participation in public open spaces. Moreover, he also wrote many lectures and books, such as the Sea…

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  • Edith Farnsworth House Research Paper

    World had a significant growth in architecture, knowledge and also ideas for each master peace. New methods are new tools for creation that humans are capable of between human and psychological ramification, architect as well as the building still hold all originality but with a touch of creation, made by heart and soul therefore Mies Va der Rohe had created a simple along with cross future design, called Farnsworth house. It is considered as a cross future design at that time a big shock…

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  • Compare And Contrast Regionalism And International Architecture

    beginning, their pioneers, their philosophy, and the architecture how was influenced by Definition International style is architectural style buildings dominating the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century, which was characterized as being free of regional characteristics, and emphasizes the functional, and rejects all the elements of decoration and usually horizontal pattern confirms aspects of its…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Designer Brands

    Designer is clothing that present the recognition of a fashion designer. The founder of the company does not always create designer clothing. For example, the actual designer of Chanel is not it is original founder and designer, Gabrielle Chanel, but German designer. The quality of the clothing and degree of its resemblance, designer's work vary some terms may limit the number of garment styles that may be produced, allowing the designer to veto any designs he or she finds unappealing.…

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  • Gamble House Research Paper

    Greene and Greene, Gamble House, Pasadena, 1908 Richard Neutra, Lovell Health House, Los Angeles, 1929 Chris Rice ARE 36 Compare and contrast the architects’ styles, views on architecture, and the attributes of the specific houses listed above. Discuss how these buildings compare to others of the same times period. At a quick glance, the Gamble and Lovell homes could not be more different and for the most part that is a correct evaluation. There are however some similarities. The…

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  • Libertel Case: The Heidelberger Bauchemie Gmbh And KWS Saat

    Two other cases, the Heidelberger Bauchemie GmbH and KWS Saat , pertaining to color trade marks registration were brought to the ECJ after the Libertel case. In Heidelberger case, the issue focused was whether colors or combinations of colors formulated in the abstract and contourless are qualified as a trademark and satisfied Article 2 of the TMD .The applicant wanted to register blue and yellow color as a trade mark in Germany to distinguish certain goods and services in the building…

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  • How Did Roman Architecture Influence Modern Architecture?

    their size, shape, but especially to its architecture. Architecture just like clothes fashion changes from time to time, like from Gothic to Modern Asian architecture. We can say that they are different in almost all things, but they have one thing in common, their foundation which is the Roman architecture. How did it affect the later architecture? And how the Roman architecture did influence the modern day structures. First, the aqueducts symbol of excellence, and hygiene of the Romans.…

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