Gamble House Research Paper

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Greene and Greene, Gamble House, Pasadena, 1908
Richard Neutra, Lovell Health House, Los Angeles, 1929
Chris Rice
ARE 36
Compare and contrast the architects’ styles, views on architecture, and the attributes of the specific houses listed above.

Discuss how these buildings compare to others of the same times period.

At a quick glance, the Gamble and Lovell homes could not be more different and for the most part that is a correct evaluation. There are however some similarities. The designs take advantage of Southern California’s climate and their natural environment. The Gamble House with a sleeping porch and transition spaces from indoors to outdoor patios, garden and pond while the Lovell House has open transition space to the patio and swimming pool. They both include the plentiful use of windows to provide ample natural light. Although they have similar goals in connecting the inside with the outside, the Gamble House, reflecting its style, is a collective work of art while the Lovell Health House, reflecting its style, is designed specifically for the function of the inhabitants of the home.

The Gamble House is an example of the American Arts and Crafts or American Craftsman style but unique to the Greene and Greene style by a fusion
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Its design of pure, clean, straight lines and stark use of steel and glass that makes it stand out from its natural surroundings. It is similar to the materials and methods used for commercial skyscrapers. Built into the side of a hill the multiple levels appear to float with extensive windows to offer an expansive view as well as a significant amount of natural light. Featuring large open spaces and overhangs transitioned the indoors to the out. Designed to fulfil the health, social and domestic needs of the Lovell family, it became known as the Health House as a reflection of achieving its

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