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  • John Ruskin's Influence On American Architecture

    The style later became a movement that tried to reform mass-produced objects that were result’s of industrialization. The designer’s motto were to embody art and ornamentation, making the pieces aesthetically pleasing, functional, and to preserve intrinsic quality of the material. (Blakesley 2006). The design became whole and each piece and space was fabricated to be individualistic within an overall piece of art; the rugs, furniture, art glass, etc. The movement took off and became in demand, making it become a steady flow of income for architects and designers that were part of the movement (Todd…

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  • Sears Case Study Essay

    A potential buyer for the Craftsman line would be Ace Hardware, due to their current strategic alliance. Black and Decker, another hardware company, has expressed interest in purchasing Craftsman. Selling these two assets would provide Sears with a much-needed source of income in the short term, enabling them to switch from a department store to an appliance store. Along with selling two of their best-known assets, Sears should also sell all of their automotive centers which would generate…

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  • R & B Vs Hip Hop Analysis

    sound in connection to a "blast" clamor. Gatherings and clubs indicate how this sound consolidated with music influences individuals. Alongside the group, the Hip-Hop melodies ' instrumentals, comprehensive of a base, makes individuals need to move; as likewise, the case with me. The instrumental likewise assumes a part in the vocalization of a melody, prompting to a craftsman 's way to deal with the tune. When I hear certain R&B beats, I consequently consider how I would sing on it and verses.…

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  • Gamble House Research Paper

    Greene and Greene, Gamble House, Pasadena, 1908 Richard Neutra, Lovell Health House, Los Angeles, 1929 Chris Rice ARE 36 Compare and contrast the architects’ styles, views on architecture, and the attributes of the specific houses listed above. Discuss how these buildings compare to others of the same times period. At a quick glance, the Gamble and Lovell homes could not be more different and for the most part that is a correct evaluation. There are however some similarities. The…

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  • American Craftsman Home Analysis

    P3a Description: The building located at 11005 Riveria Road is a two story American Craftsman home that was constructed in 1914. This surrounding area consists of primarily American Craftsman single and multiple residences constructed from 1900s to the 1950s. This two story Craftsman home has a square floorplan, muti-panned windows, and a continuous brick foundation. The wood framed building is sheathed in horizontal wood beveled siding on the second story and split wood shingles are on the…

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  • Divorce In A Midsummer Night's Room

    Darnton describes some of the reasons for the printing press journeymen to massacre the master’s cats was due to frustration stemming from basic inequalities of necessities. Essentially, the workers notice that while the cats, along with the masters, lounge throughout the days, they are working exceedingly long hours with little to no respite. Moreover, the cats are passed morsels of food from the masters. Whereas, the workers live off of rotten scraps of food and struggle to eat enough…

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  • Analysis Of Salvador Late Or Early By Sandra Cisneros

    Sandra Cisneros, an author who is deeply inspired by her Mexican American heritage. This inspiration is clearly shown throughout each and every one of her writing pieces, such as “Salvador Late or Early”, as well as “Eleven”. Both short-stories focus on adolescents with a mature mindset and adult precision, and each story does a marvelous job portraying Cisneros constant writing style. “Salvador Late or Early” is focusing on a young boy, Salvador, with heavy burdens to carry on his shoulders,…

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  • The Importance Of Setting In The Sound Of Waves

    If a story was told without a specific setting, would it be as meaningful? Setting is a powerful tool that provides substance to a work of literature. It is as as interesting as the actual plot of the story and readers must closely examine setting to see what kind of impact it leaves the story with. Mishima uses setting in the novel The Sound of Waves to highlight the theme that love empowers people to overcome hardships and challenges through the use of tone, characterization, and diction.…

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  • Dramatic Monologue In The Bloody Chamber, By Angela Carter

    Angela Carter wrote ‘The Bloody Chamber’ in 1979 it was set in the early 20th century in France, Carter showed the difference between the past and present. In the past women were oppressed and did not have any freedom, but in the present women are being treated more equally. I chose this source as it was a dark twisted story describing the role of a woman in a household and how they were actually treated behind doors. Using the short story source I changed the genre to a dramatic monologue. The…

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  • Unreliable Narrator In The Tell Tale Heart

    According to Poe, a story achieves its unity by enforcing a single emotional effect on the reader. In the Tell Tale Heart, Poe achieves the single effect of terror on the reader by his use of all the story’s components. In the short story, an unknown narrator with credence that he is not suffering from insanity, in view of the fact of how carefully he plans a murder, deteriorates from the thought of the “vulture” eye of an innocent old man. The narrator’s pathological time stretch of observing…

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