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  • American Craftsman Home Analysis

    P3a Description: The building located at 11005 Riveria Road is a two story American Craftsman home that was constructed in 1914. This surrounding area consists of primarily American Craftsman single and multiple residences constructed from 1900s to the 1950s. This two story Craftsman home has a square floorplan, muti-panned windows, and a continuous brick foundation. The wood framed building is sheathed in horizontal wood beveled siding on the second story and split wood shingles are on the porch header on the first story. The porch appears to have been altered; since it lacks Craftsman features such as the porch header meeting the columns, which soothes the transition of architectural elements to give it a natural look. Significance…

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  • Sears Case Study Essay

    A potential buyer for the Craftsman line would be Ace Hardware, due to their current strategic alliance. Black and Decker, another hardware company, has expressed interest in purchasing Craftsman. Selling these two assets would provide Sears with a much-needed source of income in the short term, enabling them to switch from a department store to an appliance store. Along with selling two of their best-known assets, Sears should also sell all of their automotive centers which would generate…

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  • John Ruskin's Influence On American Architecture

    the pieces aesthetically pleasing, functional, and to preserve intrinsic quality of the material. (Blakesley 2006). The design became whole and each piece and space was fabricated to be individualistic within an overall piece of art; the rugs, furniture, art glass, etc. The movement took off and became in demand, making it become a steady flow of income for architects and designers that were part of the movement (Todd 2004). As previously mentioned, materiality held a high Photo 1. Arts and…

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  • R & B Vs Hip Hop Analysis

    sound in connection to a "blast" clamor. Gatherings and clubs indicate how this sound consolidated with music influences individuals. Alongside the group, the Hip-Hop melodies ' instrumentals, comprehensive of a base, makes individuals need to move; as likewise, the case with me. The instrumental likewise assumes a part in the vocalization of a melody, prompting to a craftsman 's way to deal with the tune. When I hear certain R&B beats, I consequently consider how I would sing on it and verses.…

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  • Divorce In A Midsummer Night's Room

    Darnton describes some of the reasons for the printing press journeymen to massacre the master’s cats was due to frustration stemming from basic inequalities of necessities. Essentially, the workers notice that while the cats, along with the masters, lounge throughout the days, they are working exceedingly long hours with little to no respite. Moreover, the cats are passed morsels of food from the masters. Whereas, the workers live off of rotten scraps of food and struggle to eat enough…

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  • Fisher Body Craftsman Case Study

    The masculine technology was much more visible than the feminine technology and in its own ways trying to reach out to consumer especially boys. The consumer world has become diver in that the masculine technology are no longer have male consumer and increase in female consumer. For instance, the Fisher Body Craftsman, they intending to advertise to high school teenager and college undergraduate around age 12-20 featuring that usage will become a promised and mature man, who take on responsible…

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  • Gamble House Research Paper

    are however some similarities. The designs take advantage of Southern California’s climate and their natural environment. The Gamble House with a sleeping porch and transition spaces from indoors to outdoor patios, garden and pond while the Lovell House has open transition space to the patio and swimming pool. They both include the plentiful use of windows to provide ample natural light. Although they have similar goals in connecting the inside with the outside, the Gamble House, reflecting…

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  • Aristotle's Construction Of The Cosmos

    Plato’s Timaeus details the creation and making of the cosmos. In many ways it mirrors Aristotle’s account of causality as described in his Physics and Metaphysics. Aristotle believes all things have 4 causes and Plato’s description of the creation is very similar to these causes. The material, formal, efficient and final causes are seen clearly in Timaeus as the elements, model, craftsman and the good, which all cause the cosmos. Timaeus says that the Cosmos came into being by a craftsman. The…

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  • Social Pyramid Research Paper

    found very complicated and hard. Students spent a lot of time practising on pottery. It was believed that it would take up to four to five years of school in order to become a scribe. These scribes kept records including the amount of food produced and how many gifts were presented to the gods. They also kept track of how many soldiers are in the army and the number of workers building pyramids. Scribes were very intelligent people because they were the only ones who knew how to read and write. …

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  • Bruce Brooks Wasp House Analysis

    shape, and "intricately colored surface with subtle swirls of gray and tan; and most of all the uncanny adhesiveness with which the perfectly tapered stem stuck against the old pine boards" (Brooks 2), was the work of a skilled craftsman. The "intentional design" (Brooks 2), with elements similar to other manufactured objects, led Bruce to believe that the nest had been the outcome of a combination of paper, paint, and pine boe. He assumed that the "gray paper sphere" (Brooks 2) with its "rough…

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