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  • Pacemakers And Deibllators: A Narrative Analysis

    the organs with their metabolic needs for oxygen. The right portions of the heart, including the right atrium and right ventricle, draw deoxygenated blood from the body organs and pump it to the lungs where the blood gets oxygenated.” (Li, 2014). If the heart does beat at a regular pace, there are many ways to fix it. For example you could receive anti-tachycardia therapy, an implantable cardioverter, a defibrillator.“Fibrillation, such as atrial fibrillation (AF) or ventricular fibrillation (VF), occurs when the heart contracts at a tachyarrhythmia rate with a substantially irregular rhythm. VF is a life threatening condition requiring immediate medical treatment such as ventricular defibrillation. AF, though not directly life threatening, also needs medical treatment such as atrial defibrillation to restore a normal cardiac function and to prevent the deterioration of the heart.” (Li, 2014). Similarly in the ENP Newswire article, “FDA approves expanded indication for certain pacemakers and defibrillators used to treat heart failure” by ENP Newswire states that, “About 5.1 million people in the United States have heart failure, a condition in which the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs.” (Science in context, 2014). Heart problems are the most common cause of death. The new device that medtronic's released reduced the percent of death by 27%. The new approved idea allows the patients to pace both sides of the heart rather than just the one (Science in…

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  • Cardiac Defibrillation

    not receive oxygen. If the brain lacks oxygen for, ten to fifteen minutes, there could be permanent brain damage. It is crucial that the heart starts beating or someone starts Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation to keep blood flowing and delivering oxygen to the vital organs. CPR is when a bystander pumps the patient’s heart for them. The surgeon operating on the fourteen year old boy was known as Claude Beck. He was an American Heart Surgeon and is known for his techniques in operating. Beck…

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  • Essay On Defibrillation

    symptom development (American Heart Association [AHA], 2014-a). Defibrillation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR are well-documented variables in predicting poor OHCA outcomes (Bur et al. 2001). CPR is the method of compressing a patient’s chest at 100 beats per minute, providing adequate blood flow to the body’s vital organs, preserving life (New Zealand Resuscitation Council, 2010). Defibrillation is the delivery of an electric impulse across the heart to re-establish a normal cardiac…

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  • Airway Management Case

    Discussion Vascular access, along with airway management is a standard of emergency care, and is an essential part of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in many groups of patients. Peripheral vascular access is the most efficient means of gaining vascular access as it’s induces minimal trauma, is the safest method of gaining access to venous circulation. It may however be difficult in stressful situations and require several attempts despite its widespread usage failure may result in prehospital…

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  • Research Paper On Defibrillation

    Defibrillation Sometimes suffer heart of flicker either the atria or ventricles. There arises an electrical chaos causing the pumping function is lost due to muscle contractions cease. Ventricular fibrillation is considered a cardiac arrest and the patient loses consciousness almost immediately. CPR must be started immediately. With an electrical device called a defibrillator, may flicker broken in most cases if treatment is started immediately. When ventricular fibrillation is defibrillation…

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  • Systematic Review Process

    life-threatening event, it is essential to understand the proper way to react. Cardiac arrests can be separated into three groups; ventricular fibrillation/tachycardia (VF/ VT), pulseless electrical activity (PEA), and asystole. The most common arrhythmia is VF or VT; during this event CPR provides a means to circulate the blood while defibrillation helps to restore rhythm (Huang, He, Yang, Liu, & Jones, 2014). Early defibrillation is associated with higher survival rates (Valenzuela, Roe,…

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  • AED Law Case Study

    They also must maintain and test the AED based on manufacturing guidelines. And consult with a physician regarding the above information. 2. A person or building that possesses an AED must register that AED with the local EMS. 3. All intended users of the AED must be trained on how to preform AED and CPR. 4. A person using the AED machine must contact medical services (911) immediately. Along with these fours parts Maine has a Good Samaritan law, which states that… “Immunity for providing…

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  • Multidisciplinary Cardiopulmonary Paper

    INTRODUCTION The aim of this review is to employ relevant primary literature resources to discuss the potentials of multidisciplinary cardiopulmonary care teams in cardiovascular life support and resuscitation towards patient mortality reduction and achievement of positive neurological outcomes after a cardiopulmonary arrest. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of more than 17.3 million annual deaths, representing 31% of global mortality rate, with nearly 801000 American deaths…

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  • Medications And Intent Summary

    Bailey Article 2: ACLS medications and intent Summary Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is the name given to a set of guidelines and recommendations produced by the American Heart Association to standardize healthcare provider response to cardiac arrest (Pozner, 2015). As time and research have progressed, ACLS guidelines have changed. Current recommendations, as of 2010, emphasize high quality chest compressions and early defibrillation, and that the evidence supporting these two…

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  • Sudden Cardiac Death Case Study Essay

    myocyte hypertrophy leads to further deterioration in cardiac capability and increases neurohormonal activations (Cohn, Ferrari & Sharpe, 2000). Additionally, cardiac remodelling represents HF and possible SCD (Zornoff, Paiva, Duarte & Spadaro, 2009). Management The outcome of cardiac arrests depends on how promptly advanced life support (ACLS) is commenced. Goals include early detecting warning signs, medical assistance, CPR, defibrillation and ACLS. Defibrillation is the gold standard of…

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