First aid

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  • First Aid Importance

    F irst aid is an important part of everyday life at home, work or at play. Everyone should learn first aid and be willing to administer basic care until emergency assistance arrives. Not every incident requiring first aid is a life-and-death situation. First aid knowledge is commonly used to manage minor injuries at home, work or play. First aid is the immediate and temporary care given to the victim of an accident or sudden illness to preserve life, assist recovery and prevent aggravation of the condition, until the services of a doctor can be obtained or during transport to hospital or to the casualty’s home. First Aid provider is responsible for all of the following (remember 5 P’s) • Preserve life • Protect the casualty…

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  • Mandatory Cpr

    and First Aid training knowledge. How could this be? I mean most people have gone through many years of post-secondary education, but still so many lives are taken away. You go through all of your schooling, paying upwards of $100,000 but still no education on how to save an innocent person’s life. Shouldn’t everyone have the chance to be saved? People should not have to pay for CPR classes when they are older to learn the basic CPR and First Aid instructions. Recently, health advocates have…

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  • Poison Control Seizures And Tourniquets

    Poison Control, Seizures and Tourniquets After taking this course in first aid, has proven to be very useful to people from all walks of life, like the busy parent and working professionals, that I am. There was many thing that I learned from taking this class, but the three things that I found interesting and or could be useful to have up to date knowledge about are, poison control, seizure and tourniquets. If you took a first aid class prior to 2010, like I did then, there’s a reasonable…

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  • Personal Narrative: What Makes A Nurse

    many a person how to swim but a good friend of mine really needed to learn how to swim. At first I thought he should just pay for lessons but I decided I would just teach him myself. It would be fun; and fun it was. Teaching my friend, Ryan, how to swim required me to give him common knowledge as to how water works. Since water is composed of two lighter atoms to make a heavier yet still very light substance, I had to explain that water is just a heavier version of air that we can't actually…

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  • Personal Narrative: Scalping At Avalon

    received a multitude of safety courses that I’ve never needed to use. In 2006, I became the Game Master of Avalon, a live action, fantasy, role-playing game also known as a LARP. My then husband was stepping back from his presidency and it fell to me to keep our company afloat. As one of my new duties, I scheduled a first aid and CPR training at the local fire station for my staff members and I, because minor injuries were fairly common in our high-action game. Sitting in training, we melted…

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  • American Red Cross

    What does the American Red Cross mean to you? Previous Involvement with Red Cross Over the past several years, I have become very familiar with the American Red Cross through school programs and my summer employment. My Junior year of high school, I became CRP and First Aid Certified through the American Red Cross in a medical technical education program. In this class, we learned basic medical terminology and abbreviation. We were also able to shadow nurses, surgeons, and doctors all…

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  • Model Of Crisis Intervention

    to Kar (2009), “common psychiatric manifestations among children include acute stress reactions, adjustment disorders, depression, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders specific to childhood and psychotic disorder” (p. 1). As a result, children have an increased need for immediate care in a crisis situation. This care must consist of a program implemented to assist in the recognition of traumatic symptoms early on in children, since in most cases children are unable…

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  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

    their understanding of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (“CPR”), and basic forms of first-aid focusing on splints and burns. As one who is certified to administer CPR by the American Red Cross (“ARC”), I relied heavily on the ARC in preparing my presentation. (American Red Cross, 2015). I also used mannequins in my presentation to demonstrate how to administer CPR. All of the training videos that I viewed while developing the best practices in providing CPR training were from the ARC. At the…

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  • Car Accessories Essay

    First, you are able to enjoy your scenic drive afterwards and even add clips to your holiday videos! But more importantly, the video recorder can ensure you have proof on your side in case of any road accidents. Certain insurance companies can even give a discount on insurance, if you add a camera to your card. We recommend checking out the Anti-Shake High Quality Novatek WDR or the Anti-Shake LED Infrared HDMI camera. Shop for video recorders from Elinz. Seal the tires Flat tires are an…

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  • Lipase Lab Report

    Contents Introduction 2 Aim 3 Hypothesis 3 Materials List 3 Safety Considerations 4 Hotplates 4 Potential Health Effects: 4 First Aid Measures: 4 Lipase Solution 4 Potential Health Effects: 4 First Aid Measures: 4 Sodium Carbonate 5 Potential Health Effects: 5 First Aid Measures: 5 Phenolphthalein 6 Potential Health Effects: 6 First Aid Measures: 6 Full Cream Milk 6 Test Tubes, Glass Rods and Measuring Beakers 7 Method 7 Results 8 Discussion 9 Conclusion 10 Appendix 10 Calculations: 13…

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