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  • Country Policy Summary

    Blood Safety in Uganda (AIDS) In the early years of the worldwide HIV/AIDS epidemic, a safe blood supply was a basic concern for stopping the transmission of HIV in developing and developed nations. Over the years, prominent measures have been made in improving blood safety, yet it keeps on being an ongoing challenge in developing nations and progressing specialized support. Centers for Disease Control, through its work in executing the President 's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), has…

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  • International Intervention To Build Social Capital Summary

    post-civil war Sudanese communities. This analysis provides an interesting and relevant analysis of the effects of CDD programs, and more broadly, the effects of developmental aid in areas that have been devastated by civil war. It is important for this type of research to be conducted so that the international community can better apply aid in a meaningful way. In this article, Avdeenko and Gilligan propose the hypothesis that CDD programs encourage and increase social capital, also referred…

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  • HIV And Psychosocial Implications

    HIV is no longer a death sentence but now a livable condition. However, the demographics and psychosocial implications still remain pretty much the same with a few small differences. Identifying HIV has become more transparent than when it was first diagnosed. Over the years, it has been discovered that people with HIV are susceptible to the opportunistic diseases or infections. Those living with HIV today can live longer and healthier with affordable medication. HIV is an acronym for Human…

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  • Essay On Aids In Africa

    HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It is a retrovirus that infects the cells of the immune system (HIV/AIDS). When someone contracts HIV their immune system is completely destroyed. Illnesses that were nothing to worry about before, are now extremely deadly, for example the common cold. The body can no longer has the capability to fight these illnesses. People with HIV are…

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  • How To Survive A Plague Speech

    any day now, this could be you. This is the case as seen in the documentary How to Survive a Plague. It is a documentary about how with the power of public speaking a group of people were able to make a change in the production and distribution of AIDS drugs. The documentary displayed the power of working as a group and with good public speaking skills anything you put your mind to can be accomplished. How to Survive a Plague effectively presented that the role of public speaking is a pivotal…

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  • Ddoms In Mozambique

    Even with impressive growth throughout the years Mozambique to plagued by the disease that has claimed so many lives. With an aggressive public awareness campaign the promoted use of condoms will help eradicate HIV/AIDS in Mozambique. The history of Mozambique is a troubled one. For the first five hundred years of inception Mozambique was an imperial colony of the Portuguese empire. After official borders were drawn in the scramble of Africa the Portuguese regime held an iron grip for the next…

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  • Population Health Promotion Model

    Population-Specific HIV/AIDS Status Report: Aboriginal Peoples. Retrieved from sida/publication/ps-pd/aboriginal-autochtones/chapter-chapitre-2-eng.php Health Canada. (2012). First Nations & Inuit Health: HIV and AIDS. Retrieved from Public Health Agency of Canada. (2010). Population-Specific HIV/AIDS Status Report: Aboriginal Peoples. Retrieved from…

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  • Peer Pressure Among College Students (STD)

    feeling insecure and start to have trust issues. Feeling like you can’t trust your next partner because of your last’s lack of loyalty (Emotional Pain of STD Diagnosis 2015). Many of STDs are curable, however, they are some that aren’t like Herpes, HIV/AIDS and HPV/Warts (Curable Treatable and Incurable STDs 2015). Think about how an individual would feel if they found out that they came in contact with one of these diseases. Due to the lack of knowledge about pregnancy, many teens become…

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  • Tenvir-EM Vs. Truvada (Prep)

    Tenvir-EM vs Truvada Truvada and Tenvir-EM are two drugs that are categorized as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP for short. PrEP is a medication that prevents the contraction of HIV. It is most commonly prescribed to individuals who are at high risk for contraction, mainly gay men. PrEP is only prescribed to people who are healthy and do not have HIV. PrEP is not a treatment, only a preventative measure. PrEP has been shown to reduce the risk of contracting HIV by 92%. Tenvir-EM is the…

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  • Cheating Global Pandemics

    the immune system and eventually will develop and turn into AIDs. Once people have contracted the disease they may experience flu-like symptoms which will result within 2-4 weeks after contracting it. Although, during this stage some may develop mild infections or chronic signs and symptoms. These symptoms include: a fever, chills, a rash, night sweats, muscle aches, sore throat, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes which are often the first sign of infection, mouth ulcers, diarrhea, weight loss,…

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