First French Empire

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  • The Turning Point Of Napoleon's War

    Two decades of war went on in the early 1800's. These wars were named the Napoleonic Wars since the major conflicts arose from France under the ruling of Napoleon Bonaparte. The biggest turning point of the Napoleonic Wars was the Russian Campaign. Napoleon was elected to the First Consul of the Consulate in 1799, where he assumed the role of head of government in France. One of his earlier victories as leader, was during the Battle of Marengo which resulted in driving Austrians out of Italy. Furthermore, strengthening his political career. This battle was one of several within the War of the Second Coalition, which consisted of the allies Austria, Britain and Russia, and including the Ottoman Empire and Kingdom of Naples unsuccessful at…

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  • Napoleon Bonaparte: A Great Leader

    success from the French Revolution. It made it very easy for him to rise up the ranks of the military, gain supporters, and take over France. There was so many problems that the government of France could not fix and Napoleon promised to make it better. Napoleon would not of been able to make these promises and achieve what he promised if the French Revolution hadn’t made it so easy for him to seem like a hero and a good leader. Napoleon would not of become the Emperor of France and historically…

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  • The Battle Of Waterloo And Its Impact On Europe

    The battle of Waterloo was one of the most important battles in history and significantly impacted the european countries. This battle put a revolution to a halt, stopped a very powerful empire from spreading its ideals any further, and restored equality to the European nations. This battle was so revolutionary “Waterloo is used to discuss the changing nature of war, the rise and fall of napoleon’s empire”(Black).The reason for this is that this battle took out the most powerful leader of his…

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  • Napoleon Bonaparte: Hero Or Villain?

    absolute patriarchy towards their country. He portrayed himself as the ultimate French men, the ultimate War General, the ultimate Ruler and the ultimate being. Napoleon did help to better France by promoting education and continuing to remove the effects of the feudal system. Napoleon was a smart man hut he allowed his ego and hunger for more power become his demise. Napoleon as a child was described as “… an aggressive and bullying boy given to temper tantrums...” Napoleon was also…

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  • Battle Of Leipzig

    Over the course of the next few months, the Coalition met Napoleon at Lutzen, Bautzen, and Dresden, all of which ended in French victory. The early lack of success of the Coalition can be partially attributed to their grand strategy, the Trachenberg Plan, which called for the avoidance of major conflict with Napoleon’s army. The next meeting between the French and the Sixth Coalition would be at…

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  • Jacques-Louis David Analysis

    There is a distinguished painting by Jacques-Louis David, titled Napoleon Crossing the Alps. This oil painting was painted at the end of the year 1800, glorifying napoleon’s march into the Alps to attack Austria, which occurred early that year. It is often viewed as a propaganda piece of his military power and achievements. Although the subsequent French victory in Austria was due to French reinforcements, Napoleon “was careful to appropriate all the glory to himself. In the painting,…

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  • Napoleon Bonaparte

    He neglected their needs and wants, because he didn’t prepare well for the harsh conditions of countries such as Russia. When he attacked Russia in the summer of 1812, they stayed until December. His troops couldn’t survive the extreme cold of Moscow, and many died, leaving Russia with only 100,000 of his original 600,000 troops. The Battle of Nations, otherwise known as the Battle of Leipzig, was fought by Napoleon and his troops who were defeated. The following year, Paris was captured. In…

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  • Why Did Napoleon Lead To The French Revolution

    As the French Revolution was beginning to hit its height, a small Brigadier General was starting to grow into fame. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769 in Corsica and when he was twenty-seven years old in 1796 was given the reigns of the French Army of Italy. He was given these reigns for his prestigious smarts in and out of the classroom. David Bell stated in his concise biography Napoleon, which Napoleon said “I lived like a bear…always alone in my small room with my books…my only friends!”…

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  • Santa Anna Persuasive Speech

    Have you ever wondered about Santa Anna?Well today you will find closure for your curious ways. Antonio López de Santa Anna was born in Xalapa,Veracruz February 21,1794.Santa Anna attended the Military academy at the age of 16.He was an excellent warrior.Skilled at sword fighting and other battle tactics.Santa Anna’s idol was Napoleon Bonaparte.He had pictures of him all over his walls.He designed his armies like the way Napoleon's.He even collected…

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  • Napoleon Bonaparte: French Revolution

    military minds to walk the battle fields. He is very known for his leadership skills and captivating energy. Napoleon, was a French military leader and emperor who conquered most of Europe in the early 19th Century. Besides being a great leader on the battle fields, he was also seemed to know what was the best for his country. Napoleon rose the ranks of military rapidly during the French Revolution. He crowed himself emperor in 1804. He was a very skilled and ambitious strategist and…

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