The Battle Of Waterloo: Most Important Battles In History

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The battle of Waterloo was one of the most important battles in history and significantly impacted the european countries. This battle put a revolution to a halt, stopped a very powerful empire from spreading its ideals any further, and restored equality to the European nations. This battle was so revolutionary “Waterloo is used to discuss the changing nature of war, the rise and fall of napoleon’s empire”(Black).The reason for this is that this battle took out the most powerful leader of his time and stopped a large revolution of the people, it also stopped an army from conquering any more of europe and restore equality to the countries.
To start off we have to begin with Napoleon Bonaparte, Unlike Napoleon Dynamite in the movie Napoleon
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Most of the other countries in europe at the time had monarchs so the nobles were afraid of their common people doing the same thing as napoleons and turning against the royal family, so in order to stop the spread of this idea they needed to stop the revolution. Him and his army were already exhausted from their loss to russia in the dead of winter so once Waterloo took place he had a much smaller army and many of his better men were taken in Russia because he knew russia was a force to be reckoned with so if he didn 't bring the best of his troops they would have been beaten even worse. This battle against Russia made the battle of waterloo so successful, it weakened his army and it also shows other armies the superpower of france was beatable. This paved the way for other armies to be able to take on Napoleon, now not only is he beatable he is weak and unprepared. Although the French army had lost the Battle of Waterloo the ideals of the french were still spread around the country including equal rights for men and limits of power for ones government in fact the Congress of Vienna banished Napoleon to an island off the coast for fear that his remains will return and rule another …show more content…
The Duke of Wellington has held a banquet in honor of the tremendous victory for his officers since 1815 and it is still held today thats about two hundred years and the banquet is still being held today , this shows how significant of a win this was for the other countries in Europe. Not only this but the Battle of Waterloo actually made “brittan rise among many of the other countries, she enlarged her navy, her commerce, and her colonies during this period. After Waterloo, Britain stood on top of the world for the next 50 years”(Willard). This changed who was the strongest country in not only Europe but worldwide, with Britain surrounded in water and her top notch navy no country would be able to stand a chance against Britain for many years to come even today britain has probably the strongest navy in the world. Also because of the Congress of Vienna The land France had conquered was split up between the surrounding countries and many of them more than doubled in size like Austria but the downfall to this was some countries lost their land and they were not happy about

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