Napoleon Bonaparte: A Great Leader

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France has had many great leaders in its extensive history, but Napoleon Bonaparte was arguably one of the best rulers France has ever had. Napoleon Bonaparte, also known as Napoleon I, was a great military genius and political revolutionary of France. He made many changes for France and made it able to function after the Revolution. But he also got a lot of his success from the French Revolution. It made it very easy for him to rise up the ranks of the military, gain supporters, and take over France. There was so many problems that the government of France could not fix and Napoleon promised to make it better. Napoleon would not of been able to make these promises and achieve what he promised if the French Revolution hadn’t made it so easy for him to seem like a hero and a good leader. Napoleon would not of become the Emperor of France and historically significant if the French Revolution hadn’t happened.
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Napoleon is historically significant because of how much power he had and how fast he got that power, and without the French Revolution, he may or may not have gotten that much power and certainly not in the same time frame as with the Revolution. He would’ve had a much harder time trying to climb up the military ranks, with all of the other generals still vying for the top spot with him. It would’ve been harder for him to gain supporters for his cause without out the distrust during the French Revolution. Napoleon would’ve had a difficult time leading a coup against a well put-together government and without the huge support of the citizens of France. Napoleon was a great general but he would’ve had a much harder time getting where he got without the French Revolution and he wouldn’t be as historically significant in France’s history without the great tragedy/extraordinary historical event that was the French

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