Was Napoleon Bonaparte A Good Leader

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Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the most successful military leaders to ever walk on the planet. Bonaparte was born in 1769 in Corsica. He was son of a lawyer and also was part of the Florentine nobility. Despite these conditions Bonaparte’s family was poor. Bonaparte eventually came to power after the French Revolution in France. The topic of Bonaparte being either a good leader or a poor leader is a common debate among historians. Although all these debates, Bonaparte was a good leader. He executed many well thought plans to benefit the country he loved. First, Bonaparte had many military successes. At only the age of twenty-five he became a brigade general. Later in 1796, he became the commander of the French military. After returning home from Egypt, Bonaparte was welcomed as a hero, he also was given command of an army that was to attack Great Britain. Another reason he was a very successful military leader was because Napoleon had conquered all of Europe with the exception of England and Portugal. In 1799, during a battle Napoleon noticed that …show more content…
Napoleon made peace with the Catholic Church because they used to be considered an enemy of the country because they assisted King Louis XVI in trying to stop the French Revolution. He also agreed with Pope Pius VII to make Catholicism the main religion of France once again. Although with this agreement the Catholic Church, it was said that the church would not regain ownership over the land that was seized during the French Revolution. Another reason Napoleon understood religion is how he used it to his advantage. Napoleon would associate location with religion. An example of this is when he was in Egypt from 1798 to 1799 he said he was a Muslim because he knew that the main religion of Egypt is Islam. He knew that the people would trust him more if he was a Muslim because he knew that religion will influence how one thinks of others

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