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  • An Analysis Of The Second Grade In The First Grade

    Goes By First Grade In The first grade , I was very short compared to the rest of the people in my class My mother would always style my hair like a typical little girl. A long part down the middle of my head and two pony tails on both sides of my head. I would always dress a little awkward because i would never wear what my mother picked out for me ever, “hey Brianna wear this today you will look so cute.” of course I would reply back with no i want to wear what i want too.” With my smart mouth. Along with My little smart mouth i had very bad separation anxiety. Every time my mother would drop me off at school. I would cry for hours upon hours so long the teacher would always have to put my in another class room. When…

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  • Full Day Kindergarten

    Would you believe me if I told you that in most states kindergarten is not mandatory? Unfortunately this is true. Many kids that are of kindergarten age are not required to go to school until 1st grade. If you’re like me, you can see a problem with this. “Early learning is extraordinarily important because we know that the sooner kids start learning, the better their chances of long-term academic success.” (Williams). There is so much learning that needs to take place at this age that when…

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  • Describe The Writing Process

    workshop,” I immediately thought about higher-grade levels such as junior and senior high schools. I pictured teachers setting aside time in class, or even a separate class, for students to work on writing papers, mechanical skills, and the process of writing in general. Yet after reading chapter one in Teaching Writing: Balancing Process and Product, I began to get the sense that the simplicity of the writing process lends itself to be applied in a variety of situations, such as elementary…

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  • Summer Of The Sea Serpent Analysis

    class starting when I was in kindergarten, and I think knowing I was actually good at something is what made me like it, among other things of course. Now writing on the other hand, I have never felt confident with my writing skills. I am not one to write these huge, elegant, perfect papers like some of the kids in my English 1010 class I was in this past year. I have been reading ever since I learned how, and I have always loved it. One of my fondest reading memories is when I was in the first…

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  • Essay On Negative Childhood Memories

    Positive and negative childhood memories On November 5, 1996 I was born in Punjab, which is located on the rich side of India. My parents were very excited and happy to have a baby girl as their first child. My dad told our relatives that “ I am very lucky to have a baby girl in my house” and he gifted everyone with a box of Indian sweets. Once I was released from the hospital and we all went to the Sikh temple to get an alphabet letter out of the bible which would be the first letter of…

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  • First Grade Reflection Paper

    First graders arrive to school filled with enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. First grade is a year of tremendous growth and many changes. Throughout first grade, students continuously learn more about life, school, friends, and content. In order to be effective, teachers must have an understanding of content knowledge, standards, developmentally appropriate practices, culturally relevant pedagogy, and research-based approaches. In this paper, I will demonstrate my knowledge of how first graders…

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  • First Grade Science Observation

    The science topic that our group will be working with for first grade fieldwork at Grover Heights Elementary school covers light and how we need light to see objects and colors. One of the five senses is sight, with out light you can not see anything. In order to see something light must be present. Some plants and animals can create their own light, but we mainly get our light from the sun, or from electricity. The first grade science standard we will be exploring is 1-PS4-2, "make…

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  • Essay On First Grade Lesson

    Out of the different lessons I saw, I chose to do a critique on a First Grade lesson called, ‘Teeth with a Bite’. I chose this lesson because I think that 1st grade is an appropriate grade to start teaching the students the importance of taking care of their teeth and what can happen if they do not. I tend to think that this lesson could be taught at a Kindergarten level but perhaps First grade is more developmentally appropriate because the students can understand the information more clearly…

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  • My First Hours Of Grade School

    knowledge or skills, as for a profession (“Education”). Basically the education I receive will help with getting jobs for the occupation I choose. Education has been important to my life from my first days of grade school, and will continue to be…

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  • 8 Grade Essay: My First Day Of 8th Grade

    First day of 8th grade According to anonymous, "Be real, Be yourself, Be unique, Be true, Be honest, Be humble, Be happy." I always got this advice from people who have been through their years of middle school. When I moved to Mount Pleasant a year ago, it was time for the eighth grade at Cario Middle School. I knew no one and had no idea what it would be like coming from a private school. I would think about the good and bad times that my eighth-grade year could bring. Until the day came and…

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