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  • Theme Of Darkness In Kitchen

    The death of her grandmother leaves Mikage in the dark, feeling hopeless and lonely without a sense of belonging to a family. Then during her stay with Eriko and Yuichi, Mikage finds her new light, meaning that she has created a new family with Eriko and Yuichi. Later, Eriko passes away, devastating Mikage. She is once again left hopeless and in the dark, missing a part of her family. However, the light found within the darkness serves as hope for finding family, portraying that in life, there is an inherent balance…

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  • Darkness As Depicted In Plato's The Cave

    Why did I work hard in high school so I could make it to a new level? Why am I working hard now to make it to an even higher level? Surprisingly enough Plato 's 500 year old allegory holds the answer and sets up the perfect metaphor for those previous questions. This is because in Plato’s Allegory “The Cave”, the things that are said throughout the allegory, hold a deeper meaning than how the are initially represented. The most important items in the story are the darkness, the sunlight, and the…

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  • Macbeth: Portrayal Of Darkness And Intrigue

    Macbeth;The Portrayal of Darkness and Intrigue Macbeth is a play that follows the major themes of intrigue, darkness and the supernatural. Following the exploits of a famed general whom is kind at heart, yet as events turn tragic and corruption and Darkness start to take over, it leads Macbeth the protagonist to his downfall and causes for a total change in character, as he gets a grip of power and immense wealth. Darkness is a central motif in Macbeth and outlines and foreshadows several…

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  • Darkness In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

    Switzerland. While living with his uncle, Conrad convinced his uncle to let him sail, where most of his adventures and journeys placed the base for most of his works. In 1890 he navigated towards the Congo River, an expedition that offered much of the information for his highly observed work Heart of Darkness. The occurrences portrayed in Heart of Darkness could have happened anywhere, but Conrad selected the Congo for the sentiment and impression of the mood, the people involved, and the…

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  • Darkness In Heart Of Darkness And Apocalypse Now

    Found within every man, woman, or child is a hidden shadow that only flickers and veils itself from the light. This darkness within can be overwhelming or a small part of that person, waiting to grow larger as circumstances befall that individual. Some may argue that darkness is not a trait born within an individual and they can believe that, but what is true is that the darkness someone might have is ultimately crafted by the situations they go through and how they perceive them. In the novel…

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  • The Darkness Within In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

    The Darkness Within Many children are afraid of the dark and what lies in it, so they call out to their fearless parents for protection. Adults are supposed to shed light in the dark, and civilization insists that they suppress the darkness in themselves and their children. However, in Joseph Conrad’s novella Heart of Darkness one’s beliefs on civilization is questioned and darkness is brought to a new light. Darkness is a prominent symbol throughout the text and it has significant meaning to…

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  • Darkness Exposed In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

    Rafael needed to find something interesting to read. Her teacher had assigned her class to write an article on a book and Rafael wanted it to be a cleverly woven masterpiece. Rafael checked into her school’s library one day and carefully browsed through the selection of books until she found a book that was rumoured to be interesting and thought provoking. “The minute I opened the book and began reading the first words, I knew I was in for a literary delight”, Rafael says, “The words speak to a…

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  • Darkness And Kurtz In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

    “He struggled with himself, too. I saw it -- I heard it. I saw the inconceivable mystery of a soul that knew no restraint, no faith, and no fear, yet struggling blindly with itself.” (Conrad, 140). This isolation and internal conflict, within Kurtz, is the epitome of what occurs when one is caught in a seemingly inescapable situation; losing all unnecessary components of life and relying purely on instinct and intuition. Joseph Conrad compels the readers to question the ways of thinking that…

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  • Racism In Heart Of Darkness

    Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is the story of one man’s account of being an ivory transporter, down the Congo River. During the voyage, there are many encounters with African Natives, and many of those encounters reflect negatively on the natives. The white men who dominate the storyline are demeaning towards the natives, and paint them as being sub-human. The imagery and descriptions of the native’s actions and appearance also serves to portray them as savages. However, it is unclear…

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  • Dehumanization In Heart Of Darkness

    The essay looks at Conrad’s negative portrayal of the local African population in Central Africa, examining the narrative purpose served by this type of representation and how Conrad sets up Africa and its people as an anti-pole to Europe and ‘civilization’. In order to do that, the local African is constantly dehumanized, deprived of his own language and forms of expression. One of the main focuses of Conrad’s work is to portray the European's mental disintegration against the background of the…

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