Essay On First Grade Lesson

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Out of the different lessons I saw, I chose to do a critique on a First Grade lesson called, ‘Teeth with a Bite’. I chose this lesson because I think that 1st grade is an appropriate grade to start teaching the students the importance of taking care of their teeth and what can happen if they do not. I tend to think that this lesson could be taught at a Kindergarten level but perhaps First grade is more developmentally appropriate because the students can understand the information more clearly and relate it better to their everyday life. This lesson plan did include two different health goals, they are as follows; ‘I will take care of my teeth’ and ‘I will take care of my body. (Growth and Development). I enjoyed that this lesson plan indicated …show more content…
Unfortunately, the lesson plan didn’t discuss in detail the ways it would adapt for cultural diversity or for ELLS however, this could be done by having those students work alongside other students or by putting the worksheets in their primary language. In regards to the special learning challenges, this lesson does promote problem solving, self-directed learning, and lifelong skills. This lesson meets all those needs because if children are unaware of how to take care of their teeth, this lesson and its activities will teach that to children and also teach them what can happen if they choose not to take care of their teeth. It provides the students and their parents information on the different foods that are good for teeth, the foods not good for teeth, and also points out that brushing and flossing your teeth can also make a big difference. All of these skills are going to be life-long and can be easily performed by all students. A nice addition to this lesson would be to give the students a package that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. This would be beneficial to the students who may not have access to these

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