First Blood

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  • Symbolism In The Film First Blood

    The film First Blood is first film in a series about John Rambo, a discharged green beret who struggles to assimilate into society and by failing to do so causes mass chaos. The film’s director is Ted Kotcheff, a director who got his start in England directing a film in 1957. Kotcheff has received praise for his role in increasing the film industry in Canada, Rotten Tomatoes states that Kotcheff should receive credit for, “all but single-handedly turned that country's film industry around”. Kotcheff can be viewed as being a very successful director as he has directed films such as Fun with Dick and Jane as well as Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?. From examining the types of films that Kotcheff has directed, one can conclude he is a…

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  • Teasle First Blood Analysis

    Homework Reading Blog #10: Teasle’s Determination In Part Two of Morrell’s First Blood, Teasle and his deputies go on a manhunt search to find Rambo after he murders Galt by slashing his stomach with the straight razor intended to cut and shave his hair. Out of impulsiveness and the desire to remain in control, Teasle decides to go ahead on the manhunt and not wait for the state police because when morning comes around, they’ll have no choice but to turn over the job to them. The reason being…

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  • Rambo First Blood Part 2 Analysis

    order to face and inevitably conquer them. For example, our society’s fear of the atomic age was transformed into the fear of Godzilla. In the film, humans eventually overcame the monstrosity and coincidentally eased the public’s fears of potential mutants. Our society has utilized this same defense mechanism with fears of war or greater powers. Many films concerning communism or wars with Russia were birthed within the 1980’s during the Cold War. An excerpt from Ronnie D. Lipschutz’s novel,…

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  • Emotional Manipulation In The Military

    The military uses tactics to indoctrinate children into fighting in the war for them. Some of those tactics used would be emotional manipulation, getting them hooked on drugs, and violent war movies. They use emotional manipulation by blaming the rebels for killing their families and using them as the reason why they are in this situation. The military would get them hooked on drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and “brown brown”. They would have them watch violent war movies such as Rambo which…

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  • A Long Way Gone Memoirs Of A Boy Analysis

    Doctrine into a child solider “If the first casualty of war is innocence, them perhaps with each bullet fired, bomb detonated, leader overthrown, wall built, economy destroyed and family member killed, we are not creating goodwill and harmony, but rather another child who believes violence is the only means to bring about change in the world” Michael Franti. If kids were being turned into soldiers at a young age what kind of a world is expected? They don’t know any better than then life style…

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  • Analysis Of A Long Way Gone Memoirs Of A Boy Soldier By Ishmael

    During these movie session the children usually get ideas from movies such as Rambo and Commando. Because of these movies children adapted to seeing these men as a role models and could not wait to implicate their techniques. Ishmael follows by describing their mindset during this time , “ We watched movies at night. War movies, Rambo: First Blood, Rambo II, Commando, and so on, with the aid generator or sometimes a car battery. We all wanted to be like Rambo; we couldn 't wait to implement his…

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  • Essay On Myocardial Infarction

    tissue due to lack of blood supply(1). heart attack is a serious heart disease that may increase the death case because of the lack of blood supply and the death of heart’s tissue. The cause of heart attack is damage of heart muscle, so it will have certain symptoms(1). First of all, the coronary arteries supply the heart with this critical blood provide(1). If a person has coronary artery illness, so those arteries become to be limited and blood cannot stream as well as they should…

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  • Noncommunicable Disease Research Paper

    example of a noncummunicable disease includes cancer, a disease in which there is an uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells that destroy body tissue. For a cancer to occur, a buildup of abnormal cells will form a tumor, which will travel to neighboring tissues throughout the body and divide, forming new tumors, in a process known as metastasis. Cancers can develop practically anywhere in the body and are classified according to the tissues they affect. Cancers of the blood-forming organs are…

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  • The Cardiovascular System

    minute, the heart pumps about 1.5 gallons of blood through the body. The heart is “just above the diaphragm, between the right and left lungs” (Balaban 197). About two-thirds of the heart are located on the left side of the chest, while only about one-third of the heart is located on the right side of the ribcage. The cardiovascular system provides a transport system between the heart and lungs. The heart’s most important function is to indulge indispensable nutrients to the tissues and to…

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  • Red Blood: White Blood Infection

    Blood Blood consists of: -White blood cells -Red Blood Cells -Plasma -Platelets White blood cells (WBC Are also called leukocytes. They are the first line of defence when it comes to the human body fighting off infection. When something foreign enters the body the immune system snaps into response by sending white blood cells to fight off the infection. They either produce protective antibodies or they devour the bacteria. On average a human would have a White Blood Cell Count of 7,000 in each…

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