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  • Staying Safe During An Earthquake

    Lesson 4: Know Your Four Basic Survival Necessities Food is an obvious necessity and it’s important that you have options for obtaining food that does not involve credit or cash. Too many Americans believe it is sufficient to have some cash on hand to make purchases in the event of ATM outages, but in the event of a disaster, food may quickly become scarce and very expensive. You can protect yourself and your family from food insecurity by storing as much food as possible. You will need food…

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  • HIV/AIDS: Case Study In Uganda

    HIV/AIDS: Case Study in Uganda The AIDS Support Organization known as TASO is an important organization in Uganda for people living HIV positive or with AIDS. The success of fighting HIV/AIDS is unprecidented and scientists look upon Uganda as a model. Since the 1980s, HIV/AIDS has been a worldwide problem and Uganda realized the potential problem and began organization early in the beginning of the disease to help Ugandans. Uganda is considered one of the most impoverished nations in the…

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  • Sociological Analysis Of A Social Problem

    In order to analyze a social problem from the perspective of sociological, we must first understand what the sociological perspective is defined as. Leon-Guerrero (2013) states that someone using the sociological perspective observes a problem and the solution, however they do not look at it as an individual issue, better yet an issue that effect the social structures in our society. (p. 6). The sociological perspective differs from other perspectives such as policy-oriented, psychological, or…

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  • Foreign Aid In Angus Deaton's The Great Escape

    well-written in an entertaining manner, and the first six…

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  • Foreign Aid Limitations

    limitations on Foreign Aid include whether or not it is effective, deciding between a planner and searcher, and misallocation of provided aid by government officials. The billions of dollars that have been collected worldwide, and specifically designated to foreign aid, have been abused by politicians in developing countries and in turn, have registered as not generating an economic growth or negatively affecting a developing country’s economy. The big argument within economics and foreign aid…

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  • Nine Hills To Namabonkaha Summary

    Fixing a Problem: AIDS The book Nine Hills to Nambonkaha covers a number of different elements that are present in Africa. It teaches the reader of what life is like in Ivory Coast; it portrays a picture far different than what we are used to as Americans. The book speaks of a resilient village called Nambonkaha; things are good in Nambonkaha, but certainly not perfect. The village is without, and therefore seeks, electricity and other basic commodities that we take for granted in the Unites…

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  • Spread Of HIV/AIDS

    HIV/AIDS is a very serious, life-threatening, and almost entirely preventable disease. With increased education and awareness, we can continue to decrease the number of new cases each year, encourage all to become knowledgeable about the disease and get tested, and bring attention and care to current HIV/AIDS patients. One of the most at-risk groups to become infected with HIV/AIDS is young adults, who made up 39 percent of all new infections and 15 percent of all people living with AIDS as of…

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  • HIV/AIDS: Do You Know Your Status?

    your status? What do you think? Most people associate knowing your status with the disease, HIV/AIDS. There is a really bad stigma that comes with the disease, HIV/AIDS and it’s a lot of information that people do not know about the disease. I remembered about two years ago it was pouring down raining and there was this woman standing outside of the store and had asked me for a ride, I was reluctant at first because I didn’t know her but my gut told me she was harmless. So we are in the car and…

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  • HIV Infection Stages

    chronic (the latent or asymptomatic) and finally AIDS (1). When there is no treatment, HIV infection will progress from one stage to another and weaken the immune system during this process until it finally reaches AIDS. However, HIV medicines and antiretroviral therapy (ART) can stop HIV from advancing to AIDS (1). This essay presents the three stages of HIV infection in a way which shows when each stage begins and how it affects the body. The first stage is the acute HIV infection which…

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  • Having Hiv/Aids Hardship

    The Hardship of Having HIV/AIDS Diseases and mental illnesses are constantly evolving in the United States. Many diseases that were not curable or that were hard to maintain can now be cured. Scientists are always looking for a new cure or more information about a disease. Years ago people would die from disease like smallpox or the bubonic plague but they are now almost unheard of. One disease that really evolved over time was HIV/AIDS. People used to think that only certain individuals are…

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